16 Easy Baseball Fundraising Ideas for 2024

Mike Keenan
baseball fundraising ideas
baseball fundraising ideas
Fundraising for a youth baseball team is a sport on its own. 
It takes dedication, hard work, and creativity to find the funds needed to ensure your team is ready to play. 
With the 2023 season right around the corner, it’s time to start brainstorming new fundraising ideas for your youth baseball team. 
Here are 16 proven fundraising events and ideas you can organize to make your season a success. 
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16 easy baseball fundraising ideas

1. Get local business sponsorships

Reach out to local businesses by providing personalized youth sports sponsorship packages. Explain how sponsoring the baseball team can help support their business goals and objectives.
You can offer sponsorships in exchange for advertising on promotional merchandise, such as:
  • Dugout banners
  • Jersey patches
  • Field signs
  • Digital sponsorships on your website 
Sponsors can provide cash or materials to create promotional items, giveaways, or other items that help the team raise funds.
💡PRO TIP: Put a sponsorship form on your website to make it easier for local business owners to sponsor your team. Set up this page in minutes with a Jersey Watch account.
a webpage for information about youth sports online donations

2. Start a team raffle

Adding raffles to your fundraising efforts grabs supporters' attention and increases donations for your team.
Start by selecting prizes for the raffle, such as: 
  • Baseball memorabilia
  • Game tickets
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants
  • Personal trainer sessions
Encourage team members to get sponsors to donate goods and services to increase revenue and prizes. Then sell raffle tickets at team events or online and collect the money in exchange for a chance to win the prizes.

3. Host a hit-a-thon

Hit-a-thons are sporting events where people compete to hit the most hits (or home runs) in a certain amount of time. They're used to raise money, and participants get pledges from friends and family.
Here’s how to run a hit-a-thon:
  1. Team members collect pledges based on hits (e.g., $1/hit) or a flat donation amount.
  2. They then hit off a tee or pitcher at a designated location, like a local park or high school baseball field. 
  3. At the end of the event, tally up the hits, collect the pledges from sponsors, and tally up the total money raised for your team!
💡PRO TIP: Promote the hit-a-thon through the team schedule on your website’s events page. That way, people visiting your site can also pledge and join the fun.
baseball fundraising events listed on a website

4. Collect donations on your website

Many youth sports managers think online fundraising involves crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe.But that's only sometimes the case.
Did you know you can add a donation page to your team's website to increase donations? No fundraising platform fees or anything. 
Give people an incentive to donate and explain why their support is important. Promote the online donation page and share team updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
Get local businesses to donate and highlight their partnership on your website. Set up a page dedicated to donations and list all the ways people can support your baseball team.

5. Ask for donations during registration

Make it easy for people to donate when registering for a season or event. For example, include a section in your registration form requesting a donation like in the example below.
baseball fundraising in an online registration form

6. Sell vendor space at games

Get in touch with local businesses to see if they're interested in buying a booth or table at each game. 
Offer a flat fee for space so vendors can sell their goods or services. Clearly explain the rules and regulations for the vendor spaces, such as no selling of alcohol or any prohibited products.

7. Host a silent auction

Silent auctions are a fun baseball fundraiser to raise money and engage supporters. People often find them more exciting than live auctions. In a silent auction, items are displayed to attendees, who place bids silently on a sheet. 
Setting up a silent auction is easy:
  1. Get donations of goods, services, and experiences from sponsors, supporters, and local businesses. 
  2. Collect the donated items, categorize them, and assign each value.
  3. Arrange tables with the items and take bids from attendees. 
You can open up silent auctions to online bidders, too. A tool like OneCause lets you offer mobile bidding, bid tracking and management, and helps with event ticketing. 

8. Arrange a charity walk/run event

An event manager organizes a charity walk or fun run to collect donations from sponsors and participants. Participants walk or run a designated route. All proceeds go to the team. 
Fundraisers like this bring the community together while raising a good amount of money for your team.

9. Sell team merchandise

Selling team merch is one of the more reliable ways to raise money for your team. It’s an immediate source of revenue and encourages team spirit. 
Team merch can be anything like:
  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Water bottles
  • Bat bags
  • Windbreaker jackets 
You can sell them in person or through an online store. Selling merchandise is hassle-free, too. 
💡PRO TIP: Partner with a Print on Demand company like Printful that will produce and ship products for you with zero upfront cost. 
You only need to create the merch online, and Printful does the rest. This saves you time and energy, and ensures your team’s merchandise is top quality. 

10. Hold a baseball bootcamp

A baseball bootcamp is a fundraiser where participants pay a fee to attend a day of training by experienced baseball coaches. It involves activities to help people improve their game, like:
  • Skill development 
  • Drills
  • Scrimmages 
A bootcamp works well for sports team fundraising because it offers a unique and interactive experience for the community. 
The fees you collect from participants can fund new uniforms, equipment, facilities, travel expenses, and other programs. 
A baseball bootcamp also makes for a good marketing opportunity for your team. It shows your commitment to player development and brings together the community in a positive, supportive environment.  
💡PRO TIP: Recruit experienced and well-known coaches from the community to lead training sessions. Promoting an expert coach can attract more participants and increase visibility for the fundraiser.

11. Run a car wash

One of the best fundraisers for youth sports is organizing a car wash. Why? It's easy to plan and can bring in a lot of money fast. 
Your team needs plenty of space and access to water to host a car wash. Some places to host a car wash include:
  • Police stations 
  • Gas stations
  • School parking lot 
  • Closed office buildings 
Advertise the car wash on social media and in the local newspaper to ensure people come. Also, ask community members to volunteer to help wash and dry cars. 
💡PRO TIP: Charge an entry fee for the car wash. Have volunteers sell snacks and beverages for people to buy while they wait. During the car wash, suggest people make additional donations to support the team.

12. Organize a golf tournament 

Golf tournaments provide a fun and competitive way to fundraise for nonprofit sports teams. 
Start by finding a golf course to host your event— one that is local and easy for people to get to. 
Then, decide on the type of tournament you’ll host. Most baseball fundraisers are a shotgun start scramble, or a shotgun start shamble. Not a golfer? Learn more about those formats at these links:
Decide on the cost of entry and prizes for the tournament. Then, promote across your social media channels, posters, and through word-of-mouth. 
Make registration easy online and ensure everyone knows the golf course rules before they arrive.

13. Baseball-themed trivia night

A baseball-themed trivia night is a fun event where attendees test their knowledge of their favorite sport, baseball! 
This takes a bit more planning, but is great for raising money and building community around your team. 
Here’s how it works:
  1. Find a venue for the event, like a local restaurant or local community center. 
  2. Encourage attendees to form teams of 4 to 6 people, who will compete against each other in a series of baseball-related questions. 
  3. Offer prizes for the winning team, such as tickets to a baseball game or merchandise from the team.
  4. Sell tickets to the event, with proceeds going towards your baseball team.
  5. Ask for support from local sponsors to provide funding or prizes in exchange for recognition at the event. 
💡PRO TIP: Offer participation prizes just for showing up to the event. It will encourage people to get more involved and invested in the success of your fundraiser.

14. Arrange a snack fundraiser

A snack fundraiser is another excellent way to raise funds for a youth sports team. 
The idea is simple: the team collects snack donations from family members and supporters, then sells them at concession stands during the season. 
Snack fundraisers can include:
  • Home baked goods
  • Fancy cookie dough
  • Candy
  • Chocolate 
  • Lollipops
  • Gourmet popcorn 
  • Fruit snacks
  • Cafe/tea
This type of fundraiser only requires a little planning and is easy to manage. By offering a variety of snacks, you can appeal to a wide range of fans and sell more to reach your fundraising goals. 
💡PRO TIP: Ask each player to donate a certain number of snacks, then recruit parent volunteers to help sell snacks at the game. 

15. Host an alumni baseball game

During an alumni game, former baseball players from the team are invited to return and play. It's usually filled with fun activities, competitions, and prizes. 
Alum games are an exciting way to bring in additional funds for the team and can be hosted at your facility or a local high school.

16. Apply for a youth sports grant

Nonprofit grants can help you get the money you need to plan for the future. 
There are many well-known companies that sponsor youth sports, like Nike, Walmart, and Cabela’s. You can also apply for various local and federal grants. 
Want more info on how it works? Read How to Apply for Grants for Your Youth Sports Program on our blog to learn more.

Raise more for your youth baseball team today

The key to successful fundraising campaigns today goes beyond discount cards and bake sales. It’s about community and engagement. 
In other words, bring everyone together and give them a fun time! 
It’s important to not try all these sports fundraising ideas at once. Pick one of them, master it, then move on to the next.

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