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a screenshot of the Jersey Watch dashboard
Tech Updates

Feature Release - New Dashboard!

Today we're excited to release a redesigned version of our Dashboard! The new Dashboard gives you a glimpse into everything happening on your website, including players registered, dollars collected, and messages sent to your participants.
Tim Gusweiler
a youth sports coach helping an athlete from the sideline
Sports Parenting

What is 'Success' in Youth Sports?

What does 'success' mean in youth sports? It can be different for each athlete. Read these tips to be the best sports parent you can be.
The Jersey Watch Team
a youth sports sponsorship package

How to Create a Youth Sports Sponsorship Package

Finding sponsors in your area can help alleviate the financial stress of running your sports organization. Read our guide to creating a sponsorship package to help get you started!
Sierra Swigert
a youth sports parent with his child
Sports Parenting

Coaching Begins at Home: The Role of Parents in Youth Sports

Parents of youth sports athletes play an important role in their kid's development on and off the field. Here are some ways parents can help kids succeed.
The Jersey Watch Team
a youth soccer player kicking a corner kick
Sports Parenting

Uncovering the Reasons Kids Drop Out of Youth Sports

Why do kids drop out of youth sports? Find out how kids quitting sports can impact on their lives, and strategies for parents and coaches to keep kids playing.
The Jersey Watch Team
a youth soccer coach preparing with his players for a game
Background Checks

How to Run a Youth Sports Background Check (2023)

Keeping kids safe is critical if you run a sports organization. Learn everything you need to know about youth sports background checks in this post.
Tim Gusweiler
a youth sports volunteer buried in registration paperwork
Online Registration

Switching From Paper to Digital Youth Sports Registration

The transition from manual, paper-based registration to digital youth sports registration will save you a ton of time. Here's how to make the switch a smooth process.
The Jersey Watch Team
youth soccer player competing in a drill or scrimmage

4 Fun Youth Soccer Defensive Drills [VIDEOS]

Keeping youth soccer practices fun for players can be tough. Try using these fun defensive drills throughout your next season to help players develop every practice!
Connie Harrington