The 12 Best Sports Website Themes to Build Your Site

Tim Gusweiler
featured image for the best sports website themes
featured image for the best sports website themes
One of the biggest challenges of running a sports organization is finding the right technology to help your organization grow. Website themes are one tool you can use to help you take your youth sports website to the next level.
A website theme, sometimes known as a website template, helps determine the layout and functionality of your website. A theme can help you build a high-quality website while also saving a bunch of time. Most of the time, website themes don’t require web development skills—you can use the template to do most of the work.

12 best sports website templates and examples

Website templates are often made for specific purposes, and there are plenty of sports website themes that have built-in functionality that is made for sports. Website themes include player registration, game scheduling, event notifications, and even features like sports background checks for volunteers. 
You should be able to find a website theme that fits your needs and save yourself the hassle and money of completely building a website from scratch. Themes are sometimes built for specific systems like WordPress, Shopify, or Webflow. Or, they are their own product.
Below, we’ve listed some of the best sports website themes you can consider before setting up your website. We included some setup details, key features, and estimated costs.

1. Jersey Watch

jersey watch sports website theme
Jersey Watch is a fast way to set up and launch a website for your sports league or club in just a few minutes. Over 2,000 youth, high school, and community sports organizations use the product. 
You can add and edit content for your sports site using drag-and-drop. Then, choose your typography and colors to make your site truly yours.
a youth sports website built using the jersey watch theme
Example of a youth sports website built on Jersey Watch
The system includes features to help you with all of your organization's administration, including player registration software, email and SMS messaging, scheduling and event calendars, and background checks.
Cost: Subscriptions start at $29 per month and include website hosting.

2. Sportizai

sportizai sports website theme
Sportizai is a Webflow template for creating a sports website. You can choose from several different landing page designs and dozens of page templates built for sports. The club theme is eye-catching, and you can add lots of high-quality images of your players to the website.
Sportizai could be a great choice for running a professional or semi-pro team. You can also use the theme to create a customizable e-commerce store if you run a business.
Cost: $79 per license.

3. Sports Engine - League and Association Websites

sports engine sports website theme
Sports Engine has a robust product built for sports leagues, clubs, and associations. The product includes a website builder to help promote your organization. The website product includes simple drag-and-drop editing, sports-focused templates, and mobile responsive designs.
Cost: Pricing starts at $799 per year.

4. Xsports - Xtreme Sports Theme

xsports xtreme sports website theme
Xsports is a multipurpose WordPress theme packed with features built for extreme sports organizations (like BMX, mountain biking, or skateboarding). Xsports could work great if you have an adult sports club or an equipment store focused on extreme sports.
Cost: $56 for a license.

5. ACTIVITY - Sport and Fitness Site

activity sports website theme
ACTIVITY is an HTML site template built for small fitness centers and personal trainers. The theme has mobile-friendly designs and includes features like a daily calorie calculator, calories burned by heart rate calculator, and BMI calculator.
Cost: Must subscribe on Envato to Download. Subscriptions start at $16.50 per month.

6. Sports Connect - League and Club Websites

sports connect league and club website theme
Sports Connect offers a full suite of administrative technology for youth sports programs, including website templates, communication tools, player registration, and youth sports background checks. The website builder includes modern designs, mobile first registration, online fanwear, and team management. 
Cost: Request Pricing on the Sports Connect website.

7. Gota - SportsEcommerce

gota sports ecommerce website theme
Gota is an HTML5 template made for building a sports ecommerce website. If you have a small business that sells sports shoes, apparel, or other equipment, consider Gota to help create your website.
Cost: Must subscribe on Envato to Download. Subscriptions start at $16.50 per month.

8. TrackStore - Sport Shop

track store sports website theme
TrackStore is built to help you create an ecommerce online store focused on sports. Features include order tracking, promotional pop-ups, product carousels, and user logins. Users can also leave product ratings after making purchases.
The theme is also easy to use and requires no coding knowledge. You can choose from several different layouts to build your online store.
Cost: $85 for a license.

9. Campo - Club Sports Wordpress Theme

campo sports website theme
Campo is one of the best WordPress sports themes for clubs and teams. It allows you to build a website for your running club or soccer club from scratch. Compatible with WPBakery, a WordPress Page Builder app, Campo’s built-in templates help you create and manage content easily.
You can choose from 8 different homepage options. The site also has an AI content generator, and all pages are fully responsive. Campo also supports WooCommerce if you want add-on ecommerce features.
Cost: $79 per license.

10. Shopify sports themes

shopify sports website themes
Shopify is one of the most popular website builders for small businesses. It offers dozens of different themes for creating a sports website.
Shopify also has built-in web templates for creating an online store, such as shopping carts, receipts, and online payments. You can also create a website on Shopify for as low as $1, which is perfect for bootstrap sports sites looking to test the waters. 
Cost: Pricing per license can vary, but start at around $250.

11. Big Teams - High school sports websites

big teams high school sports website themes
Big Teams is a complete set of products built for high school sports organizations. The product includes many tools like online registration, scheduling, and a website for high school sports.
Cost: You can request package information on the Big Teams website.

12. TopScorer

top scorer sports website theme
With TopScorer, you can create any sports site that suits your needs, whether it's for your golf or football club. TopScorer is fully integrated with the SportsPress plugin, so managing your league or team is easy. Overall, the theme is highly customizable, has many layouts and pages, the option to create player profiles, and is compatible with WooCommerce.

Key features of sports website themes

Here are a few key features to consider when selecting a sports website theme.

Unique and modern designs

Your website needs to represent your brand, include design customizations, and have a good user experience. You should also ensure that your logo and colors are well-represented on the website. 
Make sure your website design includes high-quality images of athletes who play on your teams. If you sell apparel or products, include updated images of each item available for purchase.

Drag-and-drop page builders

Most modern website builders allow you to easily drag and drop content throughout the website. You shouldn’t need any coding or website development experience to make changes to your website. Aim for a simple tool.
If you’re using a builder like Jersey Watch, the learning curve is extremely easy, and you can create your website in minutes. However, if you’re building a website with Elementor, the number of features and customization options can be a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar with web building. 


A sports website theme should have built-in plugins for publishing sports events and scheduling features that meet the needs of your organization. Make sure you can easily add team game schedules, fundraisers, and any other events quickly. The widget web browsers see should update with sports news fast, so you can keep supporters up to date on events. 

Mobile responsiveness

Around 50% of traffic to your website will be from people on their phones. It’s critical to make sure that your website is mobile responsive and works well on any device. This is good for your site’s SEO and can help you rank higher in search result pages online.
Most modern website builders automatically include a mobile-responsive design. However, check the new website on your phone to ensure that the pages work well.

Online registration

Registering players and collecting payments is critical to managing a sports organization
Sports website themes should have built-in sports registration software that allows you to create registration forms and manage player information.

Built-in communication tools

Regardless of the type of sports organization you manage, you will need to communicate with your participants throughout the year.
You might need to send messages via email, text message, social media, or push notification. You should try to find a website system that has communication tools integrated into the website. 
Some systems allow you to automatically collect and store participant contact information, or send messages (like game cancellations or other important announcements) from the website so that all communication is managed in one place.

Build your website today with Jersey Watch

Creating a website is a critical first step in effective sports marketing. You need a website that is easy to find on the web, and is appealing to your audience once they land on the website. Once users land on your website you need them to be able to learn about your organization or business quickly and take appropriate actions.
Choosing a theme specifically designed for your type of sports organization can save you a lot of time and money.
Jersey Watch is the Fastest Way to Manage Your Sports Organization