6 Companies in Canada That Sponsor Youth Sports

Connie Harrington
companies in canada sponsor youth sports
companies in canada sponsor youth sports
Have you ever wondered about the value that sponsorships bring to businesses? Or wondered how to get companies to sponsor you and your youth sports organizations? Consider this fact: 84% of parents remember brands that sponsor youth sports, according to research. Keep this in mind when contemplating funding options. And get to know six of the most popular Canadian sports companies that sponsor youth sports teams.
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Why Seek Sponsors for Your Youth Sports Program?

No doubt about it: Having an active sponsorship program is a time-consuming part of managing a sports league. If you take the lead on finding sports sponsorship in Canada, you may find yourself doing research, filling out applications, and writing letters to companies and organizations.
Although securing sponsors can take some legwork, there can be big benefits for your league. You can gain the funds you need to evolve or expand your program. Depending on the scope of your program or league, this can mean adding more teams and/or competing at higher levels of play.
You can also funnel sponsorship funds into essential costs--like coaching fees, memberships, or insurance. That way, you can help keep registration costs in check and ease the financial burden on families.
Watch this quick video for tips to find more sponsors, or read on for companies in Canada that support youth sports.
Also, you can fund sponsorships and allow more kids to engage in a sport. For many families, league fees are a barrier, especially when combined with equipment expenses. Sponsorships let you help deserving kids play, regardless of their economic status. So make no doubt about it, landing a few sports sponsorshop companies can make a major impact on your program.
Many companies offer community support and funding for non profit organizations. Often times, you'll find companies willing to sponsor sport teams in Canada are very giving. In fact, for some businesses, contributing to youth sports is part of their DNA. You can start your search for league sponsors by learning about these companies giving programs.

#1 - Tim Hortons

Noted as one of the best companies for sports sponsorship, when asked to name a youth sports sponsor, Tim Hortons was the first brand that came to mind for nearly half of Canadian parents in one study. Founded in 1964 by hockey legend Tim Horton, the company first served coffee and donuts for just ten cents each. Although the company has grown from its humble beginnings to be part of the third-largest restaurant brand in the world, its commitment to community and youth has never wavered. In fact, Tim Hortons is likely the best companies that sponsor hockey teams with it's roots beginning in Canada.
Through its Timbits Minor Sports Program, Tim Hortons supports more than 300,000 young athletes in Canada and the U.S. Of course, hockey is a mainstay of the company's sports program. But the company also supports baseball, lacrosse, soccer, and softball.
Watch the video for a quick overview on Timbits Hockey.

#2 - Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is another major name in Canadian youth sports. Started by two brothers in 1922, the century-old company has grown to be one of the most admired and trusted businesses in Canada and is also one of the best companies offering sponorship for sport.
The company's Jumpstart program aims to provide access to sports and physical activities for kids in need. To date, the company has granted more than two million children the opportunity to access sport and play.
Youth sports leagues can look into community development grants from Canadian Tire. Through these grants, organizations can receive funds to sustain recreational programming for kids between the ages of four and 18. Programs can use funds for registration, transportation, or equipment.
canadian tire jumpstart
Learn more or apply on the Canadian Tire Website.
Also, the Jumpstart program provides individual grants to defray sports participation costs for young athletes. Even if you don't participate in the Jumpstart program, you may be able to guide families to this option. Adults will need to apply on behalf of young athletes.

#3 - Bank of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal--widely known by its acronym, BMO--has been conducting business since 1817. Today, it holds stature as one of the top 150 largest public companies in the world, according to the Forbes Global 2000 list.
BMO has a strong commitment to sports sponsorships at every level of play--from community-based leagues to professional teams. The company's professional sponsorships include the Montreal Alouettes and Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League, along with several teams in the National Hockey League and National Basketball League.
In communities, BMO aims to help youth and families experience the positive aspects of sports. Of note, BMO sponsors more than 18,000 participants in 100 youth soccer leagues throughout Canada. Visit BMO's community giving application guidelines for more information on funding opportunities. BMO is a great place to start because they really are one of those companies wanting to sponsor your sports program.

#4 - Scotiabank

The Bank of Nova Scotia, which operates officially as Scotiabank, is Canada's third-largest bank. Like many Canadians, Scotiabank has a passion for hockey.
Scotiabank sponsors hockey in every corner of the country--with more than 8,000 teams receiving support through its Hometown Hockey program. Each of the company's more than 900 local branches sponsors a league, team, or association. The company wholeheartedly believes that hockey helps kids build critical life skills while becoming active community commitment.
But the bank's community commitment goes much further. It encourages its branch employees and sponsored teams to become active volunteers. Through initiatives like these, Scotiabank helps communities across Canada grow stronger.

#5 - Sport Chek

A major sport and wellness retailer in Canada, Sport Chek is a subsidiary of Canadian Tire. The company aims to help Canadians of all ages get moving and meet their personal fitness goals.
As a sport-focused company, sponsoring youth athletics is a natural fit for the brand. The company sponsors local, grassroots organizations that help kids get involved in sports at an early age.

#6 - BioSteel

BioSteel is a Canadian company that is taking an innovative approach to sports nutrition drinks and products. The company aims to provide athletes with clean products free of fillers, artificial sweeteners, stimulants, and mystery ingredients.
In sponsoring sports youth sports teams, BioSteel takes a unique approach. Instead of offering financial backing, BioSteel provides sports bottles for every player, coach, and staff member. In addition, the company provides 300 packets of a sugar-free sports drink to ensure every participant can stay hydrated throughout the season. Players also get a BioSteel jersey patch. In return for its support, BioSteel asks for a team picture featuring its patches.
Biosteel Team Sponsorship info
Learn more or apply for team sponsorships on the BioSteel Website.
Although this sponsorship doesn't provide funds, it can help you save in other areas. You may be able to reduce expenses for hydration products and redirect funds to a different need. With some research, you can learn about how companies offer products that can help defray team or league costs.

Learn More About Companies in Canada that Sponsor Youth Sports

Although the six companies we've named about are some of the Canadian businesses involved in youth sports sponsorships, there are many more funding sources to consider. Well-known brands, like Nike, McDonald's, and Gatorade, regularly sponsor youth sports teams. Also, don't limit your search to major sponsors. Many smaller businesses can gain significant goodwill and name recognition through a team or league sponsorship.
Don't forget to explore sponsorship opportunities with professional sports teams and leagues as well. For example, the Toronto Raptors take part in the NBA Cares program. Part of the NBA Cares mission focuses on supporting more than 51 million youth basketball programs all over the world--including Canada. The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation provides funds for programs that encourage health and wellness, including hockey programming for youth. Research your nearest professional team to learn about sponsorship opportunities for your youth sports program.
Running a league can be expensive. But know that there are many businesses and organizations that happily sponsor youth sports. It can take a little effort to uncover companies willing to sponsor youth sports, but the hard work will pay off. Giving young people the gift of camaraderie and wellbeing is--without a doubt--one of the most rewarding things you can do.
We hope this post helped highlight the positive benefits on landing youth sports sponsorships or grants from your program. Now, the only thing left to do is to get out there and land those sponsors!

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