7 Sports Sponsorship Letter Examples (+Templates)

Mike Keenan
sponsorship letter examples for youth sports
sponsorship letter examples for youth sports
Sports team managers send sponsorship letters to gain support from local businesses and corporations. 
Youth sports organizations operate on a very tight budget and often need more financial and staffing sources to serve their community best. One solution is attracting sponsors with proposal letters. 
Keep reading to learn the basics of a sponsorship letter and get outreach templates you can use to secure more local and corporate sponsors for your league. 
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What is a sponsorship letter?

A sponsorship letter is a letter that asks for financial support from a potential sponsor. It describes the team's accomplishments and goals, and how the sponsor's contribution will be used. 
With a nonprofit sponsorship letter, clubs can showcase their achievements and the benefits of being associated with them to attract sponsors.

Best sponsorship letter examples (+ templates)

Let’s look at the different types of sponsorship letters available to improve your fundraising efforts.

1. Sports sponsorship letter

Copy and paste the following letter into a Google Doc and tweak it for your team. Or, download it here
You can adjust the letter to match your league and fundraising goals. 
[Your Name]
[Your Role]
[Your Phone]
[Your email]
Dear [First Name of Contact at Business],
Each year, we reach out to businesses in our community to support our team through sponsorship. 
When considering potential partners, [Company Name] naturally came to mind because of [specific reason you want them as a sponsor]
We are seeking a mutually beneficial partnership that will allow us to achieve our goals and promote [Company Name]'s commitment to supporting youth sports in the community.
[Your Team Name] has supported youth sports, including [types of sports you support], since [insert year]. We are a volunteer run, nonprofit organization that operates year round to help kids play sports locally.
Over the last year, we could [add recent wins achieved from sponsorships]! Continued support from businesses is critical to help our organization to operate.
Sponsorships help us budget for many expenses throughout the year, including:
  • Purchasing equipment and jerseys
  • Field and facility maintenance
  • Helping to keep sports affordable for families and providing opportunities to low-income families
  • Paying our local referees and officials (typically high school students getting their first work opportunity)
  • Funding a $5,000 annual college scholarship for one graduating senior per year that played with during their childhood
This year, we are asking for [dollar amount] in return for the following sponsorship opportunities:
  • Field signage at [your facility]
  • Recognition in our monthly email newsletter
  • Ad space in our promotional materials
  • Logo and website link recognition on [insert website URL] 
  • Tax deductions
You can visit our website [insert website URL] to donate, learn more about our sponsorship packages, or send a check to our PO Box in the header. Please fill out the attached form with your business information and donation amount.
We genuinely feel [Company Name] is a good fit. We see all the good you do for the community and hope for your support. You make [Your city] an amazing place to live.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have questions or if I can help with anything.
We appreciate your support. GO BOBCATS!
[Your Name]

2. Event sponsorship letter

You can turn every table into a potential sponsor when hosting a sporting event or dinner. Describe the purpose of the upcoming event and how sponsors will benefit from being involved. You’ll want to include the fundraising event name and location. Don’t forget to show appreciation for sponsors, too, by inviting them to the event. 
a sports event sponsorship letter

3. Sponsorship letter for auction items/in-kind donations

In-kind donation letters are a great way to find sponsors for a cause. Include your contact details, your organization's name, and a brief sports mission statement
Describe the items you need and their impact on your organization. Explain the tax benefits for sponsors and thank them for their thoughtfulness and generosity.
a sports donation letter

4. Sponsorship letter for acknowledgment

Acknowledgment letters are a great way to show appreciation for a sponsor's contribution. Express your gratitude and provide specific details about the sponsorship amount or in-kind donation. Explain how their support has helped your organization reach its goals.
a sponsorship acknowledgement and recognition letter

5. Sponsorship letter for requesting volunteers

This formal letter is helpful for getting volunteers for your organization or event. It shows individuals how they can contribute their time and the impact they can make. These letters of encouragement provide specific details like dates, location, special skills required, and responsibilities. 
a sports sponsorship letter requesting volunteers

6. Food donation sponsorship letter

A food donation request letter asks for food needed for a charitable event, community gathering, or support for those in need. A professional letter makes the event look more legit. It provides the type of food needed, quantities, and deadlines.
a sports sponsorship letter for food donations

7. Follow up letter

Follow up letters are a great way to ensure that sponsors know the impact they have made. Describe the event and the response it received. Provide details about the financial or in-kind donations, and include data on the successful events.
a sponsorship follow up letter

Tips for writing your sponsorship proposal 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a sponsorship letter:

Personalize the sponsor letter

When writing a sponsorship letter, address the potential sponsor by name and tailor the letter to their business or organization. Try to avoid a generic “to whom it may concern” opening. 
This shows that you have taken the time to research and understand their needs and how your team can provide value to them. It also helps you choose the right incentives for securing sponsorship.
Add your contact information (email address and phone number), so potential sponsors can get in touch with you with questions. 

Keep it concise

Sponsorship letters should be short and to the point. Avoid including unnecessary details or using overly complex language. The letter should be easy to read and clearly outline the benefits of sponsoring your team, and also include a call to action that tells the sponsor what to do next, be it an email response or a phone call. 

Highlight the benefits

When seeking a sponsor, focus on the benefits of being associated with your team. Highlight the exposure the prospective sponsor will receive, such as having their logo on team uniforms, social media mentions, and mentions on your website.
youth sports sponsors listed on a website
If you have different sponsorship levels, be sure to include the advantages of each one. 

Follow up 

After securing a sponsor, follow up with them. Send a thank you letter or email, and update them on the team's progress. This is an excellent way to stand out and may even get more funding for your next event or season. 

Why send a sponsorship request letter? 

Big companies typically overlook youth sports and tend to focus on sponsoring professional or college sports teams. 
A well-written and persuasive sponsorship letter can help break through that barrier. It shows you're serious about building partnerships with sponsors. It also gives them a quick overview of your goals and how they can benefit. 
While some sponsors won't answer immediately, sending a fundraising letter allows you to follow up. This improves your chances of getting the funding to subsidize travel, equipment, facility, registration fees, and any other initiatives you need money for. 

Get the funding you need today 

Whether you’re writing a corporate sponsorship letter or raising funds for events, your sports club can use the free sponsorship letter templates above to raise more money. It’ll feel like hard work, but the more proposal letters you send, the more perks you’ll receive from your efforts. 
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