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Sports Parenting

Are Youth Sports Too Intense and Competitive?

Are youth sports too competitive? Some parents say yes, some say no. And they both make good points. Here are both sides of this ongoing debate.
Connie Harrington
applying for grants for youth sports

Youth Sports Grants: Types and How to Apply (2024)

Looking for additional funding at your youth sports organization? Learn how to apply for grants in this post and raise money for your teams next year!
Connie Harrington
a coach motivating his youth sports team before a game during warmups
Tips for Coaches

How to Motivate a Youth Sports Team - 4 Tips to Drive Your Players

Struggling motivating your youth sports team? Follow these quick tips to get your players excited for the rest of your season.
Connie Harrington

How to Start a Youth Wrestling Club - 6 Steps to Success

Want to share your passion for wrestling with your local community? Learn how to start a youth wrestling club and inspire a new generation of champions.
Connie Harrington
a youth football online registration form template

The #1 Youth Football Registration Form Template for Teams

Registering players for your youth football program doesn't have to be tough. Follow this youth football registration form template for your next season!
Tim Gusweiler
youth sports volunteers teaming up
Youth Sports Management

How to Write a Donation Letter for Youth Sports (+ Sample)

Many sponsors may be willing to contribute to your league - but you need to give them a good reason to get involved. Follow these five tips to learn how to write an effective donation letter for youth sports.
Connie Harrington
Youth Sports Management

4 Registration Tips for the Spring Youth Sports Season

Registering players is a tough task, especially as a volunteer. But if you put the right strategies in place you can increase participation this spring.
Tim Gusweiler
Flag Football

When Does Flag Football Season Start? and Other Flag FAQs

Curious about flag football? We answer this and other FAQs in an introduction to one of today's most popular sports.
Connie Harrington