7 Best Youth Sports Blogs to Help Run Your Organization

Mike Keenan
When running a youth sports organization, there’s a lot to do—and a lot to learn. Having online resources can be a huge help in making sure you’re running your league smoothly and efficiently.
That’s where youth sports blogs can really come in handy. By reading informational articles about the youth sports world, how to properly run a league, and more, you’re equipped to provide a much better experience for your youth athletes.
To help guide you, we’ve put together the seven best youth sports blogs to keep an eye on so you can find useful content that can help you run your organization.

Jersey Watch

an image of the jersey watch blog index
Jersey Watch is a sports management software focused on helping youth sports teams create the proper infrastructure for a successful sports league. 
With features like a youth sports website builder, online registration functionality, background checks, and fundraising capabilities, Jersey Watch is a multi-faceted tool for anyone looking to start and manage their own sports league.
We also have our own youth sports blog where we share helpful sports-related content across a number of topics. As you can see right at the top of our blog, some of these topics include:
  • High school sports
  • Fundraising
  • Online registration
  • Sports parenting
  • Tips for coaches
  • Youth sports management
  • Sport-specific content
Parents, coaches, and league commissioners alike can learn useful tips and information from the Jersey Watch blog. 
Parents can access valuable content like:
Coaches can find articles like:
And those building up or managing a league can get access to content specific to each sport they manage, like:
Check out our full youth sports blog to find even more helpful information that can help you start a brand new league and successfully grow it.

Changing The Game Project

changing the game project blog
Changing The Game Project is a website run by John O’Sullivan with the self-proclaimed goal of “returning youth sports to our children, and putting the ‘play’ back in ‘play ball.’”
O’Sullivan spent two decades as a soccer player and coach at the youth, high school, and professional levels, and has since created the Changing the Game Project as a way to help more kids get involved in team sports from a young age.
Changing the Game Project works to achieve this mission through a number of avenues—a podcast, books, online courses, speaking events, an annual conference, and of course, an online blog.
The Changing the Game Project blog covers a number of topics geared mostly towards youth sports parenting. Though others involved in youth sports can benefit from some of their content, most of it is catered towards informing parents about the benefits, experiences, and other topics related to putting their kids in sports.
Some of their recent articles include:
The Changing the Game Project blog isn’t updated as regularly as some other blogs on our list, so if you want to hear more from this team, be sure to check out their podcast, social media, and other outlets.

Sports Feel Good Stories

sports feel good stories blog
Sports Feel Good Stories is a website dedicated to sharing “inspirational sports stories focusing on good deeds, overcoming obstacles, and sportsmanship.” You can also find motivational quotes and slogans to share amongst teammates.
Sports Feel Good Stories was created and run by a man named Mike O’Halloran in 2009 as a way to share informational sports content alongside happy stories that can help improve the mental health of your young athletes.
O’Halloran also enjoys wordplay and putting together sports slogans, having even published his own book with a compilation of his best slogans.
Some of those can even be found on his website in posts like:
Readers can also find content surrounding different sports, like:
And then of course, the reason why we’re all on this website, the feel-good and inspirational stories like:
O’Halloran keeps his website consistently updated, so keep checking in weekly to access new slogans, sports information, and feel-good stories.

TeamSnap Blog

the team snap blog
TeamSnap is another sports management company that helps leagues do tasks like registration, rostering, communication, scheduling, invoicing, and other tasks that league managers have to do as part of the daily grind of running a youth sports league.
TeamSnap also has its own blog to share helpful content around youth sports, child development, teamwork and hard work, and more. Some of the categories TeamSnap creates content around include:
  • Coaching
  • General sports
  • Health and safety
  • Managing your team
  • TeamSnap features
Keep an eye on the TeamSnap blog to find even more useful content from contributors.

CoachUp Nation

coach up blog
CoachUp itself is a website that helps athletes of all ages find local coaches to help them improve their athletic skills. Interested athletes can search for coaches in their area that can help them get onto varsity, club, or even professional teams.
CoachUp Nation is the CoachUp blog, dedicated to sharing information catered to parents, coaches, and athletes themselves on how to help kids improve their athletic performance and go on to be great athletes.
The site even shares informational videos that teach players how to perform different moves or plays in regards to their specific sport.
Find content surrounding helpful topics like:
The CoachUp Nation blog is targeted towards older kids, heading to high school sports and beyond. If your child is interested in playing professional sports, this could be the perfect blog to refer to for specialized information.

Every Kid Sports

every kid sports blog
Every Kid Sports is a nonprofit organization based out of Oregon that provides grants that cover youth sports registration fees, helping to make sports more accessible to a larger number of children and teens. 
Every Kid Sports knows the benefits of youth sport participation and wants to make sure that income-restricted kids all over America can get access to team sports.
The nonprofit also shares content at the Every Kid Sports Blog talking more about the positive impact that sports can have on young people. The theme of the blog is “Sports equals,” and every post shares details about what sports equals to different people.
Some of the posts you can find include:
Check out the Every Kid Sports blog to find even more positive stories about how youth sports can have a positive impact on youth kids in the community.

i9 Sports Blog

the i9 sports blog
i9 Sports creates youth sports programs across the county, with over 4 million registered youth athletes total. The company offers leagues, camps, and clinics for kids of all ages across a range of sports, like flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, and tennis.
One thing that i9 Sports likes to focus on is that youth sports should be fun. Many kids end up quitting down the road because the sports have gotten too competitive and serious, and it’s not fun anymore. i9 Sports makes sure that all of its programs, from PeeWee to Senior, keep the fun in youth sports.
Given its focus on helping families find access to youth sports, it’s no surprise that the brand has also put together an online blog with a number of great resources for youth sports and parents looking to get their kids involved.
The i9 Sports Blog covers topics like:
  • Coaching
  • Parents
  • Practice drills
  • Safety
  • Tips
Keep an eye on the i9 Sports blog for even more great content surrounding your child’s youth sports experience.

Use these youth sports blogs to better run your league

These youth sports blogs are geared towards parents, coaches, and league organizers, each one containing useful, informational, or inspirational content. If you’re looking to start up your own league, we hope you look to Jersey Watch to not only find helpful content, but also to help you build out your website and start gathering online registrations.
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