Image and Video Sharing Tips for Youth Sports League Websites

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photo sharing for youth soccer
photo sharing for youth soccer
Today’s kids live in a social media era, where cellphone photos and videos go viral in minutes. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat: all these platforms allow instant sharing, with dozens, hundreds, and often thousands of people. Now that these technologies are the communication norm, consider capitalizing on the opportunity to use photo sharing through youth league software as a marketing tool.
Youth sports image sharing is a great opportunity to capture moments forever. A compelling photograph takes you right into the heart of the action and you be a part of the game, whether in the stands on game day or checking out postgame photos on your smartphone.
Sharing youth sports photos and videos through youth league software showcase the team's identity and promote team unity. Photos are also a great way to connect with fans and recruit new players.
Follow these quick tips to get more high quality photos next season!

Share Photos on Videos on Social Media and YouTube

Not everyone gets the chance to sit in the stands on game day. Whether due to distance or conflicting schedules, extended family and friends sometimes miss the chance to cheer on their loved one. Youth sports image sharing can make them feel a part of the game no matter the time or location.
You should consistently post your photos to social media accounts. Facebook is still the most popular social network for parents, but you can also create an Instagram account for your organization.
PRO TIP - Assign a board member to be in charge of taking photos each week and posting them to your social media accounts. This person can be in charge of marketing, or even just responsible for photos and videos at your organization.
a youth baseball action shot
Consistently taking photos and posting them to your social media channels can create more conversations in your community and ultimately help grow your league!

Share Images and Videos on Your Website

Your team’s website should do more than serve as a public announcement board. A team website is a great place to share game highlights and inspire participation. The Jersey Watch website builder features a drag-and-drop interface that makes uploading photos and videos a breeze.
The website builder also lets you quickly and easily connect your team’s website to your Facebook page or Instagram account, so all your social media fans can view the photos directly on the website.
sports website builder on different devices including mobile friendly
Sharing photos and videos on your organization's website is a great way to help promote your organization!

Tips For Better Youth League Photos

Capturing great photos and videos doesn’t have to be hard. Following a few simple tips can help you capture some of the most compelling and inspiring moments of the game.

Take Lots of Photos

Don’t worry about landing the perfect shot during the game. Things are too fast paced to overanalyze every photo. Just have fun and take lots of pictures. Sort through and edit them after the game.

Get Close to The Action

Unless you have a long-range lens, you’ll need to get close to the action to get decent shots. Getting as close as possible helps you capture photos that put the viewer in the center of the game. Action shots are ideal for youth sports image sharing because they tell a story that keeps the game exciting long after the final bell.

Try Different Angles

You’ll miss a lot sitting in one spot. Snap photos from as many angles as possible. Behind the goal, around the sides off the field, or even behind the bench are all great vantage points for a fresh perspective. Also, don’t forget the crowd! They are just as much a part of the game as the players. Photos and videos of the crowd cheering on their favorite sports heroes can also serve for compelling memories.

Capture the Emotion

Don’t just focus on the touchdown or the home run. The look on a player’s face when they realize they’ve just done something amazing for the first time: that’s the important memory. Capturing facial expressions is a great way to get some truly compelling photos.

Don’t Forget Pregame and Postgame Moments

Great memories also happen before and after the game. Don’t ignore these opportunities: the warmup session, the team huddle, and the postgame celebration are all great places to capture memories.

Nail the Team Photo

A team photo might not sound very exciting compared to action shots. But a team photo ensures everyone is included, regardless how much time they spent on the field. Circumstances happen, and sometimes not everyone will get an equal opportunity to shine every game—with a team photo, you ensure the unity and value is felt regardless.
Before or after the game, corral everyone in for a photo. Make sure everyone is visible! Organize everyone from tallest to shortest in rows and get your coaches in on the sides to make sure the players are the shining stars of your composition.

Showcase Teams and Players Through High-Quality Images

Youth sports video sharing is a great way to build team identity. A team is not unlike a brand, and a cohesive identity gives players, parents, sponsors, and the community a sense of belonging to that team’s brand. Taking photos throughout the year can showcase player accomplishments.
The more photos and videos you share, the more people are likely to rally around the team, and register to be a part of your league!

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