The Benefits of All-In-One Sports Team Management Software

The Jersey Watch Team
a youth football coach managing his team
a youth football coach managing his team
Managing a sports organization is a rewarding experience, but you are probably aware of the range of administrative tasks involved to keep things running smoothly. Between managing player registrations, collecting payments, reserving fields or facilities, and coordinating the team schedule, things can get a bit hectic.
If you’re one of those administrators feeling completely overrun by these challenges and looking to get back into the game, then the smart play would be to consider a Sports Management Software platform. Why? So you can automate many of the administrative tasks while you focus on what’s important — your players and the game.

What is Sports Team Management Software and Why Do You Need it?

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a sports team is the administrative work that can eat away at your time. With a sports management platform that organizes your players, manages payments, and communicates with your teams, juggling all these balls doesn't have to be difficult. With a smart management platform, all of these administrative tasks become a breeze with control over all aspects related to running your sports organization.
It also manages online player registration and payments. The system handles team schedule management and enables you to build a team website. In addition to reducing the administrative load, a sports management app can impact your team by:
  • Building a fresh and engaging mobile website
  • Managing online donations
  • Setting prices and due dates for fees

Design and Develop a Team Website in Minutes

With Jersey Watch, building a website and adding content is stress-free. You don't have to be a tech wizard to navigate our platform. It only takes a few minutes and a few clicks to get a modern website up and running ready to share with the world.

Add Pages & Menus

You can create pages and dropdown menus easily. Our platform is flexible to facilitate adjustments to your website throughout the season to promote registration, insert new schedules, and showcase an online team apparel store, for example.

Create & Manage Event Schedules

The system enables you to post schedules for all of your teams online, along with fundraisers, meetings, and other important announcements you want to communicate. Websites visitors can sort by team or division quickly.

Drag & Drop to Add Website Content

A website is a great way to enhance team visibility. Drag & drop features allow you to add content or upload images, video, or audio, and general editing a breeze. Using the platform’s team sports web design feature, you can share team accomplishments, acknowledge your sponsors, list staff profiles and create a donation page for potential donors.
You can also customize your website with your team's colors, logo, and slogan. Additionally, if you already own a domain name Jersey Watch will help you transfer it so you can keep using the same domain. You can create a site that is just as effective on a mobile device as it is on a desktop.
adding a weather module to your homepage

Integrate With Existing Team Social Media Presence

Integrate your social media presence into the website by linking directly to the team's Facebook or Twitter page.

Share Memories With Photo Albums

Photo albums are an excellent way for the team and fans to cherish the memories of each game. Upload photos of each game or event and players and fans alike can celebrate and share in the memories and success of your teams.

Recognize Sponsors for Their Support

The support of sponsors is crucial for your league and you can acknowledge that support by featuring them on your website.
sponsors on a sports team management software website

Seamless Communication Between Administrators, Coaches, and Parents

When you need to keep everyone in the loop, sending manual emails and personal phone calls is time-consuming, and out of touch with the reality of today’s digital world. With sports management software, you can consistently communicate the same message to a wide field at the click of a button.

Create Contact Lists

You are able to add as many people as you need to your contact list. Contacts can be assigned to groups so you can send messages to the team, coaches, volunteers, or any other group/s you define.
Announcements can be sent via text message or email to the individuals or groups you specify. You can easily search for contacts by name or email address to edit their contact information quickly. Contacts can be grouped in different categories so you can send messages to targeted lists and you are able to sort contacts by sport, age group, or season.
If you have a scenario where there are parents that have more than one player at your organization, they can be included on several lists so they never miss an important message.
communication app for a high school sports team
With this range of communication options, you have an effective way to reach everyone on your lists fast, assured that all relevant community members are in the communication loop.

Self-Serve Player Registration and Online Payments

If you've spent hours tracking down and managing player registration and payments, you'll appreciate the built-in self-serve feature in Jersey Watch’s sport management platform. With this offering, players can complete any necessary paperwork, such as acknowledging a Code of Conduct, and make payments through the all-in-one app.

Setup Automatic Registration Open and Close Dates

All you have to do is select the opening and closing registration dates and the system handles the rest. Players will not be allowed to register outside the times specified.

Set Registration Fees and Payment Plans

Create pricing options for registration. With dynamic pricing, you specify a series of questions to ask that will help automatically calculate the price based on their responses. As a result, you’ll spend less time calculating costs and more time focusing on other important tasks. You can develop payment plan options to help players manage the cost of registration. That way, team members can still participate while making regular payments.
sports team management software with online registration
Create programs with custom questions and prices to streamline player registration.

Quickly and Easily Vet and Screen Coaching Staff and Volunteers

Background checks are a critical component of keeping everyone safe. With sports team management software in place, you can quickly and easily run background checks on coaches and volunteers directly in the app.

Connect to Background Check Service

Jersey Watch allows you to run background checks within the platform to help keep your athletes safe during the season. You can select the type of background check you want to run depending on the needs of your organization. An email invitation to complete a background check is then sent to the candidate. Once a candidate receives the email request, they simply click on the link to complete the process. Results are posted within your account within 24 hours.

Post and Manage Schedules for Players and Fans

A sports management software solution lets you create schedules for games, practices, and other events, along with a start and end time for each event. Creating and posting team schedules only takes a few minutes. The software also enables you to update each event or post game results.

Up Your Game With a Customized Sport Management Solution

Managing an organization and setting it up for success requires time, effort, and focused dedication. You cannot afford to be distracted by administrative tasks that eat into your time and divert attention from your end goal.
a review of Jersey Watch sports team management software
Jersey Watch offers the easiest way to manage your sports organization. By providing the essential tech tools you need to run your team, club, or league, you are able to concentrate where it matters - on the field, on the mat, in the gym, and wherever else your team competes.
Jersey Watch is the Fastest Way to Manage Your Sports Organization