25 Best Football Fundraising Ideas for 2024

Mike Keenan
Youth sports teams usually have a tight budget to work with, which can make managing your football team tricky. 
The good news is that there are many creative and easy ways to fundraise without spending much money. 
Tired of the same old cookie dough fundraiser and walk-a-thon for your youth sports football team? Here are the top youth sports fundraising ideas for football to try year-round to raise money.

25 best youth football fundraising ideas

1. Reach out to local businesses for sponsorship

One of the best ways to raise money for youth football is through local sponsors. Create a personalized youth sports sponsorship package and show how you can support their business goals. 
Offer sponsorships in exchange for promotions like:
  • Field signs
  • Jersey patches
  • Website promos
  • Scoreboard signs 
  • Sponsored events
💡PRO TIP: Create a sponsorship page on your football team's website so local businesses can sponsor your team. Set it up in minutes with a Jersey Watch account.
sponsors on a sports team management software website

2. Sell team merch and apparel 

Selling merch is another great way to fundraise for your youth football team. This fundraiser can be a consistent income stream and build team morale. 
Take pre-orders for items with your team logo and colors. Merch you can sell includes:
  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Jerseys
  • Tote bags
  • Sweatshirts
  • Pint glasses 
  • Pennants and flags
💡PRO TIP: Work with a printer or a vendor like Printful who will create and ship items at an agreed upon price. Use your website to promote merch sales or hold an event day for players, their families, and friends to buy apparel. 
a SquadLocker online store for a youth baseball team

3. Run an online fundraising campaign

Create a fundraising page on your website with a donation button. List all the possible ways someone can donate to your team. This will let people easily donate to your football team.
Offer incentives to donors like:
  • Discounted team merch.
  • Tickets to a game. 
  • Website recognition. 
Promote the page across social media, like your team’s. Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow up with donors via email to thank them for their support. 
a screenshot of donorbox recurring donations for sports organizations

4. Run a car wash

Car washes are an easy way to fundraise for a youth football team. They are easy to organize and don’t require a lot of planning. You just need to decide on:
  1. Location (e.g., local park or school parking lots) 
  2. Date and time
  3. The number of volunteers
  4. What supplies you need
Borrow supplies from parents and friends, if possible. You’ll need, at minimum, tons of 5-gallon buckets, eco-friendly car soap, towels, sponges, and a big garden hose with a spray nozzle. 
💡PRO TIP: Advertise the car wash in advance using posters, social media, and word of mouth. Sell snacks, drinks, hot dogs, and baked goods to earn extra money.

5. Promote game day raffles

Game day raffles are exciting fundraisers to hold at youth football games. Find prizes through donations from local businesses and parents. 
Some prize ideas include:
  • Signed sports memorabilia
  • Spa treatment gift cards
  • Local restaurant gift certificates
  • Winery or brewery tour
  • Escape room gift certificate 
  • 50/50 raffle
Set up a booth on game day and charge a fee for each person to participate. Football players and families can buy tickets to enter the raffle. You can announce the winners during half-time or the fourth quarter so the winner can claim their prize.

6. Collect donations during registration

When registering for a season or event, encourage people to make an online donation when they register. For example, include a section on your registration form asking for donations.
making a donation to a youth football program online
Using this type of donation form, you don’t need to pay fees for using a fundraising platform. What you raise goes directly to your team members. 

7. Run a football camp 

Invite pro football coaches for a special two or three-day camp during the summer. You can set your fees, staff the camp with volunteers, and get donations from local businesses. See if you can host the camp at your local high school or sports facility. 
💡PRO TIP: Promote the camp curriculum across social media, your website, and local schools to build awareness. Include incentives like water and a free jersey or t-shirt for joining the camp.

8. Sell discount cards 

Selling discount cards is quick and easy to organize and set up. 
You can create your own cards filled with coupons for local businesses and restaurants. Then your players can sell them to family members and locals. Cards can be sold digitally or physically, depending on your preference. 
💡PRO TIP: Try an app like The Discount Card to sell digital cards fast. The setup is easy, and you can sell cards anywhere, anytime. 

9. Get a youth sports grant 

Youth sports grants are an excellent way for football teams to raise money. Several organizations provide grants to nonprofits and volunteer-run organizations. 
  • Nike
  • Cabela’s
  • Walmart
  • Good Sports
The application process usually involves filling out a form online. Have a plan for you’ll use the money (e.g., travel expenses, gear, facility fees). Include the plan in your application.
You’ll also need to show your team is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization. Read How to Apply for Grants for Your Youth Sports Program on our blog to learn more about the types of grants available.

10. Organize a Sponsor-A-Player program

Sponsor-a-Player is a program that encourages people to donate regularly to your team. It's a great way to build relationships with supporters, get them more involved, and meet your fundraising goals. 
People can sponsor a single player or the entire team with a Sponsor-A-Player program. You can send regular updates and information from the team to stay connected.
💡PRO TIP: Create an easy-to-use sign-up form on your website to get started. Ask your sponsors to spread the word about their commitment in their own networks.
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11. Host a laser tag fundraiser

This fundraiser works by teaming up with a family fun center or laser tag venue in your area to host the event. Each participant pays an entrance fee and the venue can split the proceeds with your sports team. 
A laser tag fundraising event combines fun, physical activity, and friendly competition in a safe space. It can appeal to anyone from young kids to adults. Plus, there is no clean-up duty afterward!

12. Host a flag football tournament

A flag football tournament is a great opportunity for football teams to raise money. Charge teams an entrance fee and make money by selling refreshments, merchandise, and concessions.
Anyone can play in the tournament, regardless of age or skill level. Your team can even use the event to build community spirit. Get parents to volunteer as referees and spread the word through social media to raise awareness for the event. 

13. Challenge the coach

This is a fun and interactive way to engage players, alumni, and team supporters. Your coach will challenge either the players or the fans to donate a certain amount. Challengers have a set time frame to respond and meet the request.
If someone doesn't meet a goal, they'll have to do something funny, like wear their mascot costume or perform a skit. However, if the goal is met, the coach must do the same.

14. Organize a documentary night 

Documentary night is an event where a team will watch a sports-related documentary and discuss it. 
Rent out a theater or another venue to show an intriguing, yet educational documentary, such as:
  • Undefeated
  • Elway to Marino
  • Vick
  • 75 Seasons
You can make money through ticket sales, local sponsorships, and concessions. 
💡PRO TIP: Spice up the night by inviting alumni or notable sports figures to the event. Give them a chance to share their stories and experiences and inspire the young athletes on your team. 

15. Host a kickball tournament

Like flag football tournaments, kickball tournaments are another excellent fundraiser idea. Contact your local park or recreation department to get permission to use a field (ideally a baseball field). 
Then coordinate teams and find sponsors for the tournament. Ask family members to volunteer to keep score, sell tickets, and sell concessions. Of the funds raised, a portion will go back to whatever you need for the football season.   

16. Organize a sponsored 5K run

Organizing a 5K run/walk is a great way to engage the community and get people to participate in a healthy activity while raising money. No special equipment or preparation is needed, so it's easy to organize. 
To organize a 5K run, you must set up a safe, supervised course. You can host the event as a local track, boardwalk, park, or school. 
During the event, you can thank and recognize each sponsor publicly. It's also fun to auction off prizes after the race to encourage more people to compete.

17. Organize a fundraising dinner

You can also raise money for your football program with fundraising dinners. Parents and players can donate food for the dinner. You can also get discounts and special meal packages from local restaurants.
Plan a dinner at the team's facilities or a local restaurant. Set a ticket price and provide a unique experience like a silent auction or raffle. Share the impact of your fundraising online and thank your donors.
💡PRO TIP: Host a dinner with your community’s favorite food. Suppose there’s a local hotspot to eat, see if they’ll work with you on the dinner. It’ll raise awareness for both your team and the restaurant. 

18. Spirit night at a local business 

Set up a spirit night at a local restaurant, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the team. Check with the business to see if they have a product or menu item they can donate exclusively to the team, or if they can donate a portion of the sales.
Spread the word with flyers and an email blast. Raising money this way is easy and takes little time.

19. Host a bake sale

Make cookies, cakes, and pies for a bake sale. Set up a table at games, community events, or popular local businesses and sell baked goods to raise money. Spread the word about the bake sale through social media, flyers, and word of mouth to ensure a good turnout.

20. Organize a silent auction

Silent auctions are a great way to raise money. You can host them at team events like banquets and games, or you can host them online. Participants can bid on items and win with the highest bid. 

21. Run bingo night

Make a bingo night at a community center, school, or other local venue. You can charge an entry fee and give out prizes to bingo winners, such as donated items or cash. You can get a lot of people to come to the event and raise money for the team by promoting it on social media, community boards, and flyers.

22. Sell personalized footballs

Partner with a vendor to create personalized footballs featuring players’ names, team logos, or other custom designs. Take pre-orders from families, friends, and supporters, and sell the footballs at games or events. This fundraiser generates revenue and provides a memorable keepsake for supporters.

23. Hire an athlete

Athletes can offer yard work, pet sitting, and tutoring services to community members. Advertise these services on social media, community boards, and word of mouth, and set hourly rates. It's a great way for athletes to raise money for their team while doing good for the community.

24. Run a coach challenge

Set specific fundraising goals and have the coach agree to a fun or silly challenge if the goals are met, like having their head, dressing in a funny costume, or participating in a humorous activity. 
Use social media, flyers, and word-of-mouth to promote the challenge to encourage donations and provide entertainment to the community.

25. Sell custom calendars 

Create custom calendars featuring team photos, important game dates, and other team-related content. Sell the calendars at games, and events, and to families, friends, and supporters. Make sure the calendars are a huge hit by using social media, the team's website, and flyers.

Why should you fundraise for football? 

Football fundraising can have a number of benefits for youth leagues, high schools, and community clubs. With the extra money, you can:
  1. Buy better equipment to keep players safe.
  2. Upgrade fields and facilities to provide better training.
  3. Cover travel expenses for away games and tournaments. 
  4. Invest in better coaching. 
  5. Bring the community together to support your team. 
Overall, regular fundraising gives your team long-term stability and helps you plan for the future. 

Fundraising tips for football teams

Organizing a successful football fundraiser involves careful planning and communication with your community. Here are some tips for running successful ones:
  1. Set clear fundraising goals. Know exactly what you’re raising funds for, whether it’s new equipment or travel expenses. Establish a realistic financial target to measure progress and success.
  2. Use technology. Use platforms like Jersey Watch to raise more money. For example, you can make an event page on your website through Jersey Watch, add it to your team schedule, and chat with parents and supporters from your admin. 
  3. Promote your fundraisers. Use channels like Facebook, Instagram, and email to spread the word about your fundraiser. Reach out to local newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels to cover your event and get more visibility. 
  4. Engage volunteers. Involve parents, coaches, and players to help organize and run the event.
  5. Follow up and thank donors. Send personalized thank you messages to everyone who helped with the event. Let everyone know how money is being used and they impact they made on your fundraising efforts.

Take your youth football sports to the next level

Finding easy fundraising ideas is tricky, whether for your next school football fundraiser or community league. You need the right balance of excitement and community engagement to raise a good amount of money.
Pick one or two of the fundraising programs above and master them. Then, try more team fundraisers as the season goes on. Soon, you'll be scoring a touchdown when it comes to raising money for your players! 
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