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a screenshot of the Jersey Watch dashboard
Tech Updates

Feature Release - New Dashboard!

Today we're excited to release a redesigned version of our Dashboard! The new Dashboard gives you a glimpse into everything happening on your website, including players registered, dollars collected, and messages sent to your participants.
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a youth soccer coach preparing with his players for a game
Background Checks

How to Run a Youth Sports Background Check (2023)

Keeping kids safe is critical if you run a sports organization. Learn everything you need to know about youth sports background checks in this post.
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the best sports website design for youth sports teams and leagues
Youth Sports Management

9 Best Sports Website Design Examples (2023)

It's important that you have a youth sports website for your league or team. Learn a few of our best tips to design your website here!
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an overview of youth sports apparel stores for teams
Youth Sports Management

How to Create a Custom Team Apparel Store Online (2023)

Looking to get more people in your community wearing your gear? Want to raise some money along the way? Follow these tips to set up an apparel store online!
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a youth sports volunteer managing her organization using online software
Youth Sports Management

The Best Tools for Nonprofit Youth Sports Organizations

Running a sports organization can be tough. Check out our list of the top tools you can use to make your life easier next season.
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youth soccer passing drills

10 Soccer Passing Drills to Improve Ball Movement

Coaching a youth soccer team can be tough. Use these simple passing drills to keep players of all skill levels motivated throughout your season.
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teach sportsmanship youth sports
Youth Sports Management
Sports Parenting

How to Teach Sportsmanship in Youth Sports

Learning to treat coaches, teammates, opponents, and referees with respect can carry over to school, family, and work later in life. In this post learn how to teach young athletes sportsmanship.
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starting a volleyball club

Starting a Volleyball Club: 8 Key Steps to Success

Starting a volleyball club can be a lot of work - you need a staff, branding, social media, facilities, players, and more. Follow these 8 steps to get your teams up and running quickly!
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