A Youth Football Registration Form Template for Next Season

Tim Gusweiler on Jan 7, 2019 in Football

If you run a football program it can be time consuming to set up registration and collect payments for your league or teams. Making the process easy for volunteers and parents is critical. Use this youth football registration form template to make the registration process super smooth next season and register more football players.

Section #1: List Critical Player Questions First

The first section of your form should include the basic information you need to know about each player. Of course this includes the player’s first and last name, but it should also include Date of Birth, Current Grade Level, and any other information that will make sorting the player’s easier once the season gets started.

a registration form for youth football Basic player information should come first in your form. Be sure to separate First Name and Last Name so you can easily sort players alphabetically after registration

Section #2: Parent & Guardian Contact Information

If you don’t have accurate contact information it’s nearly impossible to run your football season or camp effectively.

At the top of your form you should require at least one cell phone number and at least one email address per player. If you have an outdated form that still lists Home Phone Number, remove that section and add cell phone number instead.

You can also give the option for parents to include multiple cell numbers or email addresses, in case they want you to keep in touch with both parents, or with a grandparent or other guardian.

If you collect this information online, you can require 10 digit phone numbers and valid email addresses (systems like Jersey Watch will require valid contact information automatically)

Section #3: Player Details

Every football program is unique and you’ll need a few questions in your form so your coaches know all of the necessary details about each player prior to the first practice.

Questions could include information required by your league for age divisions (like age on a specific date, or grade level in the upcoming school year).

You may also want to know the school that the player attends. You can include a “School Player attends” question as a text box or dropdown menu.

If you issue t-shirts to each player it can be helpful to include that question in your form, that way you can get a good estimate on the amount of each size you should order. Be sure to list that question as a menu that only includes the options that you have available. If you allow parents to write or type in their answer for t-shirt size, some of them will give you confusing information like “Small” or “55”. Instead, make sure the question only gives them the specific sizes you have like “Youth Small”, “Youth Medium”, “Youth Large”, “Adult Small”, “Adult Medium”, etc…

Medical information, such as current medications or medical conditions that coaches should be aware of should also be collected so that you and your coaches are aware of any important medical details for each player.

Simple questions about each player can be super helpful to your coaches as your first practice gets closer

Section #4: Ask Parents for Support for the Upcoming Season

At the end of registration parents will have their card out and are ready to pay for their player. Parents want to support your youth football program in any way possible. This is a great opportunity to get additional volunteer or financial support from the parents for the upcoming season.

Recruiting Volunteers for Youth Football

Don’t forget to include a question regarding volunteering options for next season. Many parents are happy to contribute time throughout the season helping with coaching, concessions, fundraising.

A quick question at the end of your form can get you some new volunteers for the season

Finding New Sponsors and Collecting Donations During the Registration Process

Finding new sponsors and collecting donations is also a huge challenge as you head into the season.

Making it super easy for parents to sponsor your program during registration is a simple way to get a few new sponsors for next season without having to awkwardly ask parents in person if they are willing to be a sponsor.

Many parents are willing to sponsor your football program personally or to promote their business. But, you need to make sure you have a convenient way for them to pay when they register a player. Don’t make them reach out to you or mail you a check

Get Started Registering Players in Minutes

Registering players for your next football season doesn’t have to be tough. Following these simple steps can help make your registration process smooth for you and for the participants.

Need Help Setting up a Registration Form for Next Season?

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