20 Fun and Easy Volleyball Fundraising Ideas for 2024

Mike Keenan
volleyball fundraiser ideas
volleyball fundraiser ideas
Looking for volleyball fundraiser ideas? 
We've got you covered! Here's a breakdown of fundraising options catering to different interests, goals, and budgets. 
This list of successful fundraiser ideas will get your community involved and motivated to support your team, whether you're raising money for new equipment or uniforms.

20 volleyball fundraising ideas for 2023

1. Put a donation option on your registration form

A donation option on your registration form is an easy fundraising idea. This makes it easy for family members to contribute during sign-up and encourages them to support your volleyball team from the beginning. 
a donation to a volleyball club online

2. Collect donations on your website

Create a dedicated donation page on your team's website to increase donations, making it simple for supporters to contribute online. No fundraising platform fees or anything.
volleyball sponsorship options for a club
Two tips for this online fundraising tactic:
  1. Give people an incentive to donate and explain why their support is important. 
  2. Promote the donation page on your teams’ social media pages.
Highlight different ways people or businesses can support your volleyball team. You can accept money, equipment, and other types of donations. 

3. Get sponsorships

Sports sponsorships are a great way to fund your volleyball team. There are many companies that sponsor youth sports, both corporate and local.
Ask businesses if they'd be interested in sponsoring your team in exchange for advertising on:
  • Jerseys
  • Banners
  • Website sponsorships
It's a win-win for both parties, since the business gains exposure and the team gets money. 
💡PRO TIP: Put a sponsorship form on your volleyball website to make it easier for local business owners to sponsor your team. Set up this page in minutes with a Jersey Watch account.

4. Host a tournament

Hosting a volleyball tournament is a great fundraising idea. Make money by charging teams for registration, and consider adding extra games or contests. 
Make it a co-ed or reverse sixes tournament to attract a wider audience. Or even better, make it a themed tournament, such as a costume contest, retro night, or beach party to create a fun, competitive atmosphere.

5. Sell fundraising products

Selling products online is another excellent fundraising campaign to raise money. Design and sell custom team gear, like t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. You raise funds and promote your team at the same time.
💡PRO TIP: Partner with a Print on Demand company like Printful that will produce and ship products for you with zero upfront cost. You only need to create the merch online, and Printful does the rest. 
a volleyball online apparel store

6. Throw themed parties

Bring some excitement to your fundraiser by organizing themed parties. 
Have a costume party where attendees dress up as their favorite volleyball players or sports figures. Charge an entry fee and offer awards for the best costumes.

7. Organize skills clinics

Use your volleyball team's expertise to host clinics for younger players or beginners. You can also partner with well-known or professional coaches in the area to run a sports camp. 
Charge a fee for the clinic and provide personalized coaching to participants. This is a good way to raise money for your team and develop future talent. 

8. Sell food and concessions

Organize a bake sale, concession stand, or partner with a local restaurant to sell pre-packaged meals. 
Set up a table outside a local grocery store, park, and at games. Make sure to advertise the concessions in advance to maximize sales.

9. Set up a crowdfunding campaign

Set up a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like GoFundMe or Kickstarter to meet your fundraising goals.
Share your team's story and fundraising goals. Encourage supporters to contribute and share the campaign on social media to get more exposure.

10. Organize a car wash

Car washes are a low-cost youth sports fundraising idea. It’s simple: 
  1. Find a parking lot to host the car wash. 
  2. Set a time and date for the event. 
  3. Advertise the car wash. 
  4. Buy sponges, towels, soap, and other supplies.
You can charge $20 per car and offer add-ons like wheel shining or interior cleaning for an extra fee.
Be sure to sell snacks and drinks to customers to earn extra cash. 

11. Offer coaching services

Offer private or group coaching sessions for aspiring volleyball players. This raises funds and showcases your team's expertise and dedication to the sport.

12. Make local business partnerships

Collaborate with local businesses to host fundraising events or offer special deals for your supporters. Create a personalized youth sports fundraising package to show potential partners the benefits of sponsoring your team. 

13. Organize a volley-a-thon

Organize a 24-hour volleyball marathon where players collect pledges for each hour they play. This encourages both participation and friendly competition while raising funds.
💡PRO TIP: Promote the volley-a-thon through the team schedule on your website’s events page. People visiting your site can also pledge and join the fun.
volleyball fundraising events

14. Have a celebrity match

Contact local celebrities, athletes, or influencers to participate in a charity volleyball game. Sell tickets to the event and offer VIP packages for fans to meet and greet the celebrities.

15. Organize a silent auction 

Unlike traditional auctions, a silent auction lets attendees browse items at their leisure and bid at their own pace.
A successful silent auction requires diverse donated items and experiences that appeal to many people. Ticket prizes, sports memorabilia, signed merchandise, and weekend getaways are all good ideas. 
Put the items on display in a designated area, along with a bid sheet. During the event, attendees will write their bids on these sheets, and the highest bidder wins the item.

16. Restaurant fundraiser night

Restaurant fundraising nights are engaging and enjoyable ways to raise money for volleyball teams. The idea is to partner with a local restaurant to donate some of the night's profits.
Choose a popular local restaurant that can accommodate a large group. Make sure the restaurant's food appeals to a wide audience and caters to different diets.

17. Make a raffle

Raffles are a time-tested fundraising strategy that engages community members, generates excitement, and raises essential funds.
  1. Start by gathering enticing prizes. Ask local businesses, team sponsors, or even parents of players for donations. They could range from gift cards to exclusive experiences. The more attractive the prizes, the higher the chances of selling more raffle tickets.
  2. Set a raffle timeline, including ticket sales and drawing dates. Creating a sense of urgency encourages supporters to buy tickets sooner rather than later.
  3. Choose an eye-catching ticket design and a price based on the prize value.
  4. Promote your raffle. Use social media, email newsletters, and the team's website to spread the word. Encourage your athletes, coaches, and volunteers to share the event with their networks. 

18. Host a movie night

You can create a fundraising event that's sure to draw a crowd and raise much-needed funds for your team by selecting a popular movie, creating a memorable atmosphere, and providing snacks and refreshments.
Here’s how to create a fun movie night:
  1. Select a date, time, and location.
  2. Choose a popular, family-friendly movie with a sports theme.
  3. Promote the event through various channels to attract a large audience.
  4. Set up a ticketing system and pricing for entry.
  5. Organize snacks and refreshments, considering partnering with local businesses for sponsorship or donations.
  6. Decorate the venue with team colors, banners, and posters.
  7. Ensure proper audio-visual equipment is in place for a quality viewing experience.
  8. Collect funds and evaluate the success of the event to improve future sports team fundraising initiatives.

19. Organize a yard sale

Volleyball team managers can also raise money by hosting yard sales. Not only does it raise money for your team, but it also engages the community and recycles preloved stuff.
Imagine your team members and their families setting up tables filled with items in a park on a sunny weekend morning. Signs and banners advertising the yard sale draw the attention of passersby, who browse the items. Everything you sell goes straight to your team.
Here’s how to set up a yard sale:
  1. Choose a date and location, preferably a high-traffic location for the yard sale.
  2. Collect donated goods such as books, toys, clothing, etc. 
  3. Promote the event on social media, community bulletin boards, and local newspapers. 
  4. Arrive early on the day and display items with proper signage. 
  5. Create a fun atmosphere with music, refreshments, and games like an obstacle course. 
  6. Thank your donors, buyers, and volunteers after the yard sale. 

20. Get a sports grant 

Find out what grants are out there for youth and amateur sports teams. There are a lot of organizations, foundations, and government agencies that help fund sports. 
Describe your volleyball team's needs and goals in a grant proposal and submit it to relevant organizations. Grants can boost your team's budget and help cover equipment, travel, and coaching.

Tips for volleyball fundraising events

  1. Start with clear objectives: Set fundraising goals, create a budget, and involve team members, parents, and the community in brainstorming and selecting suitable fundraising ideas.
  2. Foster participation: Communicate the fundraiser's purpose and benefits, involve players and parents in planning, and offer incentives for outstanding involvement.
  3. Engage local businesses: Seek sponsorships, donations, or in-kind support from businesses in exchange for advertising or promotional opportunities.
  4. Ensure legal compliance: Research and adhere to local and federal fundraising regulations, and consult with legal professionals or your organization's governing body if necessary.
  5. Explore unique fundraising ideas: Consider skills clinics, themed tournaments, crowdfunding campaigns, sports equipment swaps, community sports days, or dine-and-donate nights at local restaurants.
  6. Use social media: Create engaging content, use crowdfunding platforms and online donation tools, and encourage your network to share and promote your fundraising efforts.
  7. Track and measure success: Develop a system to track donations and progress, update supporters regularly, celebrate milestones, and gather feedback for future improvements.

Take your fundraising program to the next level

With a diverse range of volleyball fundraiser ideas to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect option for your team. 
Think outside the box and consider your community's interests and resources. Providing your supporters with a variety of fundraising opportunities can help you reach your financial goals while strengthening the reputation of your nonprofit.
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