16 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Hockey Clubs (2024)

Mike Keenan
fundraising ideas for hockey
fundraising ideas for hockey
Running a successful hockey club can be both rewarding and challenging. 
One of the biggest hurdles clubs face is generating the funds necessary to cover equipment, rink time, and registration fees.
This article will discuss creative and practical fundraising ideas for your hockey club. 

16 easy hockey fundraising ideas 

  1. Partner with local businesses
  2. Collect donations on your website 
  3. Ask for donations during registration
  4. Sell team merchandise online
  5. Organize a charity hockey game
  6. Run a bake sale
  7. Host a silent auction
  8. Create a raffle
  9. Organize a car wash
  10. Create a crowdfunding campaign
  11. Have a family fun day
  12. Have a pancake breakfast
  13. Host a Pub Night
  14. Sell used equipment and goods
  15. Have a golf tournament 
  16. Apply for a youth sports grant 

1. Partner with local businesses 

Reach out to local businesses by providing personalized youth sports sponsorship packages. Tell them how sponsoring the baseball team can help them achieve their business goals.
Advertise on promotional merchandise in exchange for sponsorships, such as:
  • Jersey patches
  • Booths at games
  • Parent brochures
  • Digital sponsorships on your website 
Team sponsors can donate money or materials to create promotional items, giveaways, or other items that help raise funds.
💡PRO TIP: Put a sponsorship form on your website to make it easier for local business owners to sponsor your team. Set up this page in minutes with a free Jersey Watch account.
a website builder for hockey teams and clubs with online registration and game scheduling

2. Collect donations on your website

Do you know you can increase donations through your team's website? You don't have to pay any fundraising platform fees. 
Explain why it is important for people to donate and give them an incentive to do so. Share team updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and promote the online donation page.
supporting a youth hockey program on a website

3. Ask for donations during registration

Allow people to donate when registering for a season or event. Include a donation request section in your registration form, like the example below. 
making a donation to a youth hockey program

4. Sell team merchandise online 

Sell team merchandise online, like hats, t-shirts, and water bottles. You'll not only raise funds, but you'll build team spirit and increase visibility in your community.
You can use a tool like SquadLocker to create and sell merch for your hockey association. No set up fees or minimum orders. SquadLocker also takes care of fulfillment so supporters can get their gear quickly and easily. 
a hockey merchandise store for fundraising

5. Organize a charity hockey game

Organize a charity hockey game featuring your team or even local celebrities. Sell tickets to the game and consider hosting additional fundraising activities during the event, like a 50/50 raffle or concessions sales.

6. Run a bake sale

A classic fundraising idea, bake sales are a simple and effective way to raise money for your hockey club. 
  1. Request team members, parents, and volunteers to bake and donate homemade treats (cookies, brownies, muffins, etc.).
  2. Package and price items individually or in bundles.
  3. Advertise the event through social media, team newsletters, and local community channels.
  4. Set up a bake sale booth at a high-traffic location, like a game venue or grocery store.
Remember to follow local health and safety guidelines for food sales.

7. Host a silent auction

Silent auctions are a more upscale version of raffles. They are also much different than live auctions.
Collect donated items, services, or experiences, and display them at a fundraising event with bid sheets for attendees to write down their offers.
Auction items can be anything from:
  • Gift cards.
  • Local restaurant vouchers. 
  • Weekend getaways. 
The highest bidder at the end of the auction wins the item, and your club raises some much-needed funds.

8. Create a raffle

Raffles are a time-tested way to generate excitement and raise funds for your hockey league. Here’s how to create one:
  1. Source prizes from local businesses, team sponsors, or personal donations.
  2. Print raffle tickets, clearly indicating the price per ticket or bundle deals.
  3. Sell tickets at team events, games, or other community gatherings.
  4. Conduct a live or online drawing to announce winners and distribute prizes.
The more unique and enticing the prizes, the more tickets you will sell.

9. Organize a car wash

Car washes are a fun and interactive way to engage your team and the community. This is another easy fundraising idea with minimal expenses for supplies and set up. 
  1. Recruit team members, parents, and volunteers to wash cars.
  2. Secure a high-visibility location with water access (parking lot, gas station).
  3. Buy car wash supplies (buckets, soap, sponges, hoses, etc.).
  4. Advertise the event via social media, team communications, and local outlets.
  5. Collect donations for each car wash, allocating proceeds to your budget.

10. Create a crowdfunding campaign

Platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter can help you reach a bigger audience and raise more money. 
go fund me for hockey fundraising
When creating a campaign page:
  • Tell your club's story on a campaign page.
  • Explain where the donated funds are going.
  • Set a fundraising goal.
  • Share the fundraising campaign on social media.

11. Have a family fun day

Host a family fun day at a local park or community center, with activities like face painting, bounce houses, and games. Charge a small admission fee and offer food and beverages for sale to raise funds for your club.

12. Have a pancake breakfast

Early morning practices and tournaments can be tiresome! Set up a pancake breakfast even in the rink’s party room to raise money for your team. 
Since pancake breakfasts are relatively cheap to organize, you can generate a lot of money for your team. 
  • Offer a simple menu that includes pancakes, a variety of toppings, and beverages like coffee, tea, and juice. Depending on your budget and preferences, consider adding extra breakfast items, like bacon, sausage, or fruit.
  • Get team members, parents, and other supporters involved in the event. They can help plan, cook, or serve the breakfast.  
Approach local businesses and ask if they'd be willing to sponsor the event by donating ingredients, supplies, or financial support. In exchange, you can offer advertising space on event materials or recognition during the event.

13. Host a Pub Night

Hosting a pub night for parents is an excellent fundraiser idea for youth hockey clubs. It's a fun event that brings parents, coaches, and community members together. By partnering with the venue, a portion of the sales can be donated to the club.
Parents can unwind, share stories, and make new friends, while helping out the team. Plus, you can incorporate raffles, auctions, or games to increase fundraising efforts.
For a kid-friendly version, you could set up a game night or bowling night with the same idea. 

14. Sell used equipment and goods

Hockey moms and dads have a lot of old equipment and clutter to get rid of. Why not turn those old skates and sticks into a profitable opportunity for your club? 
A garage sale event takes minimal investment and allows other families to buy affordable gear. 
Here’s how it works.  
  1. Collect used hockey equipment, sports gear, and miscellaneous items from team members, families, and friends.
  2. Organize and price items for sale.
  3. Advertise the event through social media, local newspapers, and community bulletin boards.
  4. Host the sale at a convenient location, like the team's practice facility or a local community center.
  5. Allocate proceeds to your youth hockey club's budget.

15. Have a golf tournament 

Hockey players tend to make good golfers. That’s why a golf tournament is a fun and competitive way to fundraise for your club. It’s also easier to set up than you think. 
Find a golf course to host your event. Make sure it’s local and easy for people to get to. 
Most hockey fundraisers are a shotgun start scramble, or a shotgun start shamble. Not a golfer? Learn more about those formats at these links:
Choose the prize fund and entry fee for the tournament. After that, spread the word through social media, posters, friends, and family. 
Registration should be easy online, and everyone should be aware of the rules before arriving at the course. 
Choose the prize fund and entry fee for the tournament. After that, spread the word through social media, posters, friends, and family. 
Registration should be easy online, and everyone should be aware of the rules before arriving at the course. 
💡PRO TIP: Add the golf tournament to the team schedule on your website. Keep the event top of mind for supporters and let them sign up right online. 
youth hockey event schedules

16. Apply for a youth sports grant

Sports grants are financial assistance programs that promote and support youth involvement in sports. You don’t have to pay back a grant, and they can help you fund training, equipment, and facility costs. 
Many types of organizations fund youth sports groups, such as:
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Private foundations
Some well-known companies also sponsor youth sports, like Nike, Walmart, and Cabela’s. You’ll have to apply for a grant if you want it. So plan ahead and allow some time for the application process, grant deadlines and review times, which vary. 

Earn more for your hockey team

Fundraising for your roller or ice hockey club doesn't have to be a daunting task. 
With various traditional, online, and community-based sports team fundraising ideas at your disposal, you can create engaging and successful campaigns that will help your club thrive. 
Remember to involve your players, their families, and the hockey community in your efforts to build support and reach your financial goals.
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