Feature Update - Background Checks for Youth Sports

Tim Gusweiler
the new jersey watch background check feature with yardstik
the new jersey watch background check feature with yardstik
Today we're rolling out a new version of our background checks feature for youth sports!
We know that one of the biggest challenges for sports organizations is managing background checks on coaches and volunteers. For the last several years we've helped over 50 organizations begin to manage their volunteer background checks online.
We've learned a lot with the initial version of the feature and are excited to release a completely new version today. Read on for more details!

What's New?

Faster Invite Experience

We've redesigned the invitation process to make it faster to invite candidates to complete their background check.
You can invite volunteers or coaches with just a couple clicks from your computer or phone.
a youth sports background check invitation in Jersey Watch
Send invitations in a few seconds by entering the name and email of the coach or volunteer.

Redesigned Results Page

The redesigned results screen includes the candidate's name, invitation dates, and results.
In the future we'll also be adding the ability to filter candidates by date so you can view results for specific time periods.
youth sports background checks results in Jersey Watch
Quickly track the status of invitations and view the results of each background check.


Yardstik is the new background checks partner we're working with to invite candidates and process background checks. We've been working with Yardstik to create a simple and fast background check experience for organizations and volunteers.
Getting started just takes a couple of minutes. Just click the "Background Checks" icon when you login to your account.
the yardstik integration in a jersey watch account
Yardstik makes it super easy to invite candidates and view background check results in your Jersey Watch account.

Volunteers Pay

One of the most common requests we've received is to allow coaches or volunteers to pay for their own background check rather than requiring the organization to pay.
Now when you invite volunteers or coaches to complete their background check they will receive an email invitation to get started. It just takes a few minutes to fill out the form to complete their check. Once they finish completing their form they'll make their payment for the background check.

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