Feature Releases - Donation Module, Contact Us, and More!

Tim Gusweiler
donations feature release blog post featured image
donations feature release blog post featured image
We've released some major updates to our website builder in the last few weeks - including a way to collect more donations for your organization - our most common feature request!
Learn more about the updates and what's next below...

What's New

Donations Module

Your sports organization's website should help you raise money year-round and we get a lot of feature requests to make it easier for website visitors to make donations online.
We just released a new Donations Module that you can add to the homepage of your website so visitors can make a quick donation directly from your homepage.
To add a Donation Module, just click the "+" icon on your homepage while in Edit Mode. Select "Donation" from the list of available module options.
the jersey watch donations module in action
You can customize the module with different amounts, and include a description.
Be sure to include a detailed description about how donations are used - we've noticed this makes a huge difference to help collect more donations!

Contact Us Module

Another highly requested feature is here! You can now add a Contact Form to your website's homepage so your community can easily contact your organization with questions or feedback.
Customize the Contact Us Module with different topics like Registration, Sponsorship, Fundraising, or anything else important to your organization, and route questions to the correct person.
the jersey watch contact us module on an organization's website

Weather Module

Add the local weather forecast to your website's homepage using our Weather Module.
Create a new module, select "Weather" from the
You can even make customizations to include daily or weekly forecasts - or both!
adding a weather module to your homepage

New Updates Page

Stay up to date with any updates we make in your account on the freshly designed Updates page ✨
the updates page in Jersey Watch
Many more improvements to come in 2024!

What's next?

The Donations Module is going to keep improving! Soon your visitors will be able to make recurring donations from the Donation module or at checkout during registration.
Soon users will be able to login to an account to view past payment history, pay outstanding payment plan payments, and more!
We're also working on some major updates to event scheduling in 2024!
If you have any feedback or feature requests send our team a message at help@jerseywatch.com - we'd love to hear from you!
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