The Best Sports Team Management Software in 2023

The Jersey Watch Team

An important part of volunteering for a sports team is continually looking for new ways to help the athletes at your organization grow. As a coach, you need to capitalize on any advantage (as long as it's within the rules) you can find that may help your players succeed.

But it’s not only about instructing players on new drills and strategies. You should also invest in sports team management software to facilitate the administrative aspects of running your organization.

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    What is Sports Team Management Software?

    Sports team management software is essentially any digital service that helps keep volunteers and league operators organized. The features you'll need can be different depending on whether you run a large league with hundreds of teams, a regional or national tournament, a club with a handful of teams, or a just a single team.

    An effective sports team management software should include features allowing volunteers to organize players, collect payments, publish schedules, help with fundraising, manage budgets, and communicate with teams and other community members. Overall, the system should just help your sports organization run more smoothly, and save time for your volunteers.

    Sports team management software is designed with the understanding that managing a league is not easy. Features like online registration, payment processing, scheduling, and analytics tools help keep your organized, from sign-ups to your end of season banquet.

    The Top Sports Team Management Software Solutions

    Read on below for a few of the top solutions you can evaluate before your next season...

    Jersey Watch

    Jersey Watch is a popular sports team management tool because of the fast setup and easy-to-use features. You can create a website, register players, and send messages all within one system. Plus, you get plenty of powerful tools to help your organization grow.

    First, you can setup a modern website that is responsive and easy to use. The online registration feature is built into the website and allows for easy sign-ups and player payments. Players’ parents can view all the available programs their kids can join at once, fill out online forms, and complete payments online.

    During the season you can send messages via text and email to parents or coaches to keep everyone in the loop with important updates like scheduling changes, volunteer requirements, and anything else important to your organization.

    The platform allows coaches to build and maintain up-to-date practice and game schedules tailored for each team. Before your season you can run background checks on coaches and volunteers to keep athletes safe during your season.

    Create a free account to try features in just a few minutes.


    TeamSnap is a sports team management software that helps millions of people around the world manage gaming and scheduling information. Coaches rely on the platform for practice and match planning.

    TeamSnap’s mobile app also ensures that parents, coaches, and players can always keep up with each other. You can manage player attendance, volunteer duties, and more using the TeamSnap mobile app.

    Team App

    Team App allows teams and other social groups to set up a mobile app to facilitate communication. You can design your own app for your team, select colors, and invite other administrators. The app also allows you to track availability for events, post photos, link to scores & standings, and chat with other players on your team.

    Tourney Machine

    Tourney Machine is a software system specifically built for running tournaments.

    You can create tournament schedules automatically for pool play or brackets, update your schedules and game results online, and send tournament notifications to coaches or participants. All of the features are built to work well on mobile so that participants can track tournament results on the go or on-site at your event.

    Tourney Machine also helps to promote your event online on When coaches research events they can sort by different categories, and register or pay for your event.

    Sports Connect

    Sports Connect offers a website platform built for community sports. The website features allows players and parents easy access registration, scheduling, and reporting for the organization. All of the features within the system are made for volunteers and to be easy-to-use.

    Sports Connect supports a wide variety of sports including soccer, football, baseball, softball, and basketball.


    MonClubSportif allows volunteers to manage their teams from the platform on desktop or phone. Tools like results tracking, scheduling, and availability management streamline league operations and allow all users—including schools, players, parents, and sports organizations—to keep up to date. You can also try the app and it's features on a 30-day free trial.


    Amilia is an eCommerce and registration platform built for running recreational activities. The platform makes it easy for organizations to register participants and promote events and other activities.

    Popular sports include cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, soccer, and skating programs. You can explore hundreds of available activities by searching the Amilia database.

    Wild Apricot

    Wild Apricot is one of the most popular membership management platforms. Features include a member database, online payments, event management, and contact database.

    You can try Wild Apricot on a 30-day Free Trial on their website.

    How to Choose Your Software for Next Season

    Volunteering to run a sports organization means taking on a lot of administrative work. Sports team management software helps to reduce the workload by automating or simplifying many of the administrative tasks and lightening a volunteer’s workload significantly.

    During your offseason you should find software solutions that fit the needs of your organization. There are lots of options available, so do some research and try a few different options before making a final decision. If customer service is important to you, interact with the customer service reps at the company before making a purchase.

    Make sure to not lock yourself into long term contracts or high setup fees. Try to find a system that is easy to use so you don't overwhelm yourself with unnecessary or complex tools.

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