Online Registration & Payments
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The 4 Myths of Online Registration

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No longer worry about paper forms, checks and cash.
Easily set up online forms to collect all of the necessary information about your players
Parents can easily register and pay online.
Jersey Watch accepts all major credit and debit cards to make the process simple and flexible for parents. Parents can register from the comfort of their home, and from any device.
Add custom questions easily.
All different question types are supported so everything from your paper forms can be collected online. 
Connect your bank account and get paid fast.
Payments are deposited directly into your bank account on a two day rolling basis. If you receive a payment on Monday, payments will hit your bank account on Wednesday.
Open and close registration as needed.
Easily set the open and close dates for your registration and registration will automatically open and close on your website.
Export and Sort Player information.
Player information can be easily exported to a spreadsheet to view and sort.
Automate player discounts.
Do you give a discount to parents that register more than one player? Easily automate that process online so everyone gets charged the correct fee.
Issue refunds in seconds.
Someone registered but can’t play anymore? You can easily issue a refund online and return the funds to the participant online. You can also issue a partial refund if needed.
Straightforward transaction fees.

A transaction fee is charged for online payments, which covers all credit card processing and participant data storage. All major credit cards are accepted so no one gets turned away.

For payments over $50, there is a 5% fee. For payments from $25 to $49.99 there is a $2.50 fee, and for payments under $25 there is a $2 fee.

You can incur the fee, or pass along the fee to the parent or player. 

Need to extend a deadline, or cut off registration early?
No problem, just adjust your dates.
Free to set up, no contracts
Jersey Watch is always free to set up, and there are no contracts.

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