Getting Started

How long does it take to set up?

We'll get you up and running quickly! You can create a free account any time. When you're ready to go live with your website you will sign up and pay for the first month of a plan.

We will design your website for you based upon your logos and colors after you sign up for a plan. The design process is normally finished the next business day.

We can also transfer any content from your old website and help you set up your page at no charge. The content transfer is typically finished the next business day after you sign up for a plan.

What are the setup fees?

There are no setup fees with any of our pricing plans. You just sign up and pay for the first month and you're ready to go!

Is there a free trial?

If I already own a domain name can I use it if I decide to use Jersey Watch?

Yes, it’s easy to point an existing domain name to Jersey Watch. We can help you update your domain settings when you’re ready to launch your new site.

Are there contracts?

There are no contracts with any of our pricing plans.

Can I change my pricing plan throughout the year?

Absolutely! You can adjust your plan at any time.


What will be the address of my website?

When you create your account your temporary web address will be something like When you select a plan and launch your site, you can have your own domain name like

Who will update and make changes to my website?

You will be able to edit your website, view players, and send messages through your account. It’s easy to update and edit information. But you can also email us any time at and we’re happy to help. You can also give more than one person at your organization access to edit content, set up registration, and send messages.

Online Registration & Payments

What are the processing fees?

The processing fees for online payments are 3.5% plus $1 per transaction. This covers all credit card fees - there are no additional fees.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted. The processing fees can either be absorbed by your organization or passed to the person registering.

There are no fees for programs that do not collect money.

How long does it take for funds to be deposited into my account?

Deposits are automatically made to your bank account two business days after the player registers. Your first deposit may take longer, but after the first deposit all future deposits will arrive within two business days.

What payment methods can participants use?

Participants can register and pay with any debit or credit card.

If someone registers in person can they be added to the system?

Yes, it’s easy to manually add participants to the system through your account so that all of your participants are stored in the database. There is no charge to add players manually.

Can I set up registration for events without online payment?

Yes, if you are running a free event or collecting payments in person you can still register your players online.

Who pays the transaction and card fees when players register online?

It’s up to you. Transaction fees can be passed along to the participant, or your organization can incur the fees.

Can player information be exported to a spreadsheet?

Player information can be exported to Excel or another spreadsheet software. You can also view and sort players within your account.

Can I set up payment plans?

Yes! You can set up Payment Plans and give your players the option to pay in automatic installments. This is useful if you want to register your players but not require the players to pay the full amount up front. You can learn more about payment plans here.


Can I send messages to specific groups or teams?

Yes, you can message specific groups when you send notifications. You can manually create your own groups in the system. When players register online they are also automatically added to a list for the program they register for.

Can contacts be imported?

Yes if you have existing contact information from past seasons it can be imported into the system so that you can send them messages.

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