The Best Youth Wrestling Videos to Get Your Club Ready for the Season

Connie Harrington

Wrestling is one of the most intense sports around. Proper technique and training are important–but the right mindset can lead a wrestler to victory. We’ve selected five of the most inspirational youth wrestling videos to help you get ready for a new season.

5 Must Watch Youth Wrestling Videos

Even for the youngest athletes, getting through a single wrestling practice can be exhausting. Keeping focused on goals–whether it’s winning the next match or achieving a title–can make all the hard work seem worthwhile.

This selection of top youth wrestling training videos takes less than a half-hour to watch. Every young athlete can benefit from these inspiring words and personal stories of triumph.

1. Advice to Young Wrestlers: Youth Olympic Games –

Wrestling champions from around the world share words of wisdom with young athletes. Their messages: Start today, dream big, never give up, and have fun. This is not only a great video for wrestlers, it's also a great motivational video for athletes of all kinds.

2. Motivational Wrestling Video –

2012 Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs says wrestling helped him avoid peer pressure. Growing up in a tough environment, Jordan decided to set athletic goals instead of following the crowd.

He discusses the importance of training, focus, and nutrition in this inspirational video.

3. Anthony Robles’ Inspiring Story of Determination and Perseverance  –

When he started wrestling at age 14, Anthony Robles didn’t look like a future champion. Born without one leg, Robles finished in last place in his city in his first season. But he set his sites on being a state champion–and reached his goal. And he surprised the wrestling world by becoming an NCAA wrestling champion as a walk-on athlete.

His story can inspire young wrestlers to keep persevering through any adversity.

4. The Day a Wrestling Legend Was Defeated –

In the 2000 Olympics, the super heavyweight final seemed like a complete mismatch. Russia’s Aleksandr Karelin was the clear favorite–with a decade of domination behind him. Called the “best wrestler in the world,” Karelin had already won three gold medals and held a Ph.D. in sports science.

His challenger, Rulon Gardner from the United States, had little international experience. He developed his strength and skills from wrestling cows on his Wyoming dairy farm.

Gardner’s startling victory proves that wrestlers can win against the most formidable opponents.

5. Wrestling Spirit – No Excuses – Motivational Video –

Life isn’t easy–and wrestling isn’t easy. Successful wrestlers keep striving through hard practices, exhaustion, and disappointing defeats.

Winners don’t stumble when setbacks happen. They stand up, don’t make excuses, and keep moving forward towards their goals.

Get Ready for a Winning Wrestling Season

Are your young wrestlers ready for a new season? Don’t let past challenges or worries about future competition get in the way of their success.

Watching short inspirational youth wrestling videos can help young athletes develop the right mindset. They can learn about setting lofty goals and working steadily towards them. They can use each setback as inspiration to work even harder. And they can find wrestling role models who have overcome seemingly impossible odds to emerge as champions.

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