How to Make a Simple Youth Wrestling Registration Form

Andrew Sarafa

From recruiting wrestlers, finding coaches and volunteers, to managing finances and scheduling events, running a youth wrestling program can get majorly complicated if you don’t work to stay organized.

By collecting the right information during wrestler registration, you can be certain your club gets off on the right foot this season.

"The Essential" Questions for Youth Wrestling Registration -

When it comes to wrestler registration, there’s a few essential, must have questions you should put at the top of your registration form. These questions are:

  • Wrestler’s First and Last Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone Number

This basic information about wrestlers and their main point of contact is essential to acquire during registration and should be the foundation of every registration program you create.

When creating a registration program on Jersey Watch, we'll automatically create these essential questions for you so you don't have to worry about them every time you create a new program!

Pro Tip #1 - Use drop down menus and split up questions such wrestler first and last name and date of birth into different sections. This will help out when it comes to easily sorting your list later on.

"The Standard" Questions for Youth Wrestling Registration -

The next step in creating your registration form can depend on your specific programs needs. Typically, most wrestling programs collect information such as:

  • Second Contact Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Wrestlers T-Shirt Size
  • Wrestlers Experience Level
  • Wrestlers Known Allergies
  • Wrestlers Expected Weight Class

Depending on your programs needs, these questions can vary so just be sure to use this section to collect the rest of the information you need to get off to a successful start of the season. Collecting information such as the wrestlers t-shirt size and known allergies before the season may save you the headache of scrambling to figure it out during the first practice or when you really need it.

Asking questions such as wrestlers experience level can help give you a heads up on your wrestlers skill level and help you plan out your practice schedule before the first practice

Pro Tip #2 - Use drop-down menus on questions such as t-shirt size and experience level so you don’t get answers like extra extra large and XXL that will make it difficult to sort your list following registration.

"The Extra" Questions for Youth Wrestling Registration -

The last section in your list can be great for planning and preparing your season in advance. Although wrestler registrations and youth sport sponsorships can finance a large part of your annual expenses, there are a few methods you can use on your registration to help finance your program better for the season. You can use this "extra" section to ask questions such as "would you like to volunteer?" and "would you like to donation?" to help finance your program for the season.

Collecting this information now can be a great way to get a better feel for how your club will manage things such as coaching, fundraising, concession stands, social media and more very early on.

Asking for donations at the bottom of your registration form can be a great way to collect donations without seeming too intrusive

Pro Tip #3 - Create a dropdown menu for donations that automatically modifies the price of registration. You can use this to set different donation levels such as bronze, silver, and gold!

A Simple Youth Wrestling Registration Form

Whether you’ve just now started your youth wrestling club, or you’re a seasoned veteran, we hope this simple registration form will inspire new ideas you can implement into your registration forms in the future.

If you’ve followed all of our tips in this article, you should now have a complete registration form that is easily sortable and will help you really plan your season in advance and hopefully register more wrestlers!

Need Help Setting up a Registration Form This Season?

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