Manage Contact Information for Parents & Coaches

Store and Update Emails & Phone Numbers

Easily add and edit new contact information for everyone at your organization.

Sort by Sport, Age Group, or Season

Contacts can be grouped in different categories so you can send messages to targeted lists.

Search and Edit Contacts

Search for contacts by name or email address to edit their contact information quickly.

Add Contacts to Multiple Lists

Are there parents that have more than one player at your organization? They can be included on several lists so they never miss an important message.

Send Messages to Teams, Groups, or Divisions

Send Bulk Announcements to your Entire Organization

Easily message hundreds of contacts via text message or email.

Contact Individual Teams or Age Divisions

Select specific groups so that everyone receives relevant messages.

Send Messages to Coaches or Volunteers

Create contact groups for coaches to keep all of your volunteers in the know.

Send Messages from Any Device

Login from Your Computer or Phone

Don't worry about being tied to a laptop. Text and Email features are built to work on any device so you can send messages anytime, anywhere.

Send Urgent Messages on the Go

Did you get a storm at your fields unexpectedly? You can quickly message everyone at your organization from your phone.

Respond to Questions or Comments

Parents have questions from time to time. You can respond directly on your website so FAQs can get answered in one place.

Take Communication to Another Level

Keep Board Member Information Private

Don't worry about using your personal email or phone number to send emails to parents. You can send all of your notifications directly through your website so your personal info stays private.

Import Contacts from Previous Seasons

Add or import all of the email addresses and phone numbers so you can start sending messages right away.

Send Messages by Text and/or Email

Choose whether to send messages by either text, email, or both. Urgent messages should always be sent by text, and less critical messages using email.

Post Updates Directly to your Website

All of your messages are posted to your website by default to save time and keep everyone on the same page. You can choose to keep messages private if needed.

Jersey Watch is exactly what we were looking to to better manage our club. We previously use paper forms, collect cash & checks, and our communication was all over the place via email, Facebook, etc. With our Jersey Watch site we have a great looking website to direct people to, can easily collect payments, send out texts & emails, and pull user friendly reports. It has been a HUGE time saver!

Josh, Gull Lake Wrestling

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