Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions that parent volunteers and youth sports league organizers ask Jersey Watch about managing websites here.

Jersey Watch provides sports websites that enable organizers of teams, leagues and tournaments to save time and money.

It is free to set up a website with Jersey Watch. If your organization collects payments online, there is a 5% fee for transactions $50 and over, a $2.50 fee for transactions from $25 to $49.99, and a $2 fee for transactions under $25.

Jersey Watch also has a Communication system that sports organizations can pay for on a monthly basis. The feature can send emails and text messages to groups of parents, coaches, and more. Montly pricing depends upon how many messages your organization needs, but can range from $15 per month to $100 per month.

Jersey Watch is used by the primary organizers of sports teams, leagues, associations and tournaments.

No, you do not need to have an existing website. We recommend having a website domain (like which can typically be purchased for around $10/year. If you don't have domain name, you can get started without one.
You can get started in just minutes by creating an account.
Managing your website will take very little time. Changes to website text, schedules, and emails to other parents and coaches can be done in a matter of minutes and no technical background is needed.
Yes! Updating your website hosted with Jersey Watch is a breeze. It’s simple to access your website to make edits, preview them and publish in minutes without any former website management experience.
If you have a special request, can not figure out the best place to put information on your website or publish changes that you didn’t mean to, we are available to quickly help you.
Yes, if you have access to an existing domain for your website you can use it on your new website. It's a simple process and we're happy to help.

Yes! When team and player registrations are open, your website will have a “Register Now” button. When visitors click, they will fill out a form to give player information and submit a safe, secure credit card payment.

Upon payment, they will receive an automated receipt in their e-mail. Player information will be stored and updated in your database in real-time which you can access from your computer or smartphone.

In addition to player registrations, you can request, collect and manage payments for equipment, jerseys, team gear, travel fees and more.

Yes, one of our top priorities is to make sure your website is mobile friendly and easy-to-use from any device.