Young Parents – Not how they used to be

The Jersey Watch Team on Dec 8, 2015 in Tips
Young Parents – Not how they used to be

Young families are hard to pin down.

They move fast, carry full calendars and are tossed around by their children’s activities. This is nothing new for marketers, as they have been chasing young families around for decades.

But the struggle is mounting to reach them through relevant channels. They do not consume media like they used to, and this challenge is only compounding as the millennial generation shifts into parenthood. Millenial families do not fit cookie-cutter molds. U.S. Census data from 2010 reported that only 4% of the population fit the “traditional” family model. Direct Marketing highlights the family shift here and it seems safe to assume this is a conservative figure.

So what do we make of all this? Is there any hope to successfully target and reach such a fluid, often fickle, audience?

It begins with a disciplined marketing mix certainly (here is a pretty good read on how digital spending is shifting), but looking at youth sports as a channel to reach families is warranted. Youth sports provide an accessible passion point to reach families, and below we provide a few highlights to hopefully get youth sports in your next marketing plan.

The “On the Go” Sports Family

Massive reach. 90% of American youth participate during childhood and/or adolescence [source]

Families follow their kid’s sports teams [68% talk about it every other day]

-They value experiences for their children. Experiences cost money and they will spend.

-Parents are more likely to be active social media users [emarketer report]

As you try to reach young families, how much is your brand or business reaching into local sports? Working with your local communities leagues is a start, but there are many valuable vendors and marketing companies that have become experts in this space. If you avoid the common myths, and commit to youth sports marketing, we are confident you will find the channel rewarding.

Have you had successes in youth sports marketing?

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