What we’ve been learning about wrestling clubs

Tim Gusweiler on Mar 28, 2017 in Wrestling
What we’ve been learning about wrestling clubs

High school state championships are wrapped up and the NCAA tournament is complete, so we thought it would be a good time to post a few things we’ve learned from wrestling clubs so far this year.

Wrestling season never ends

Most sports tend to have a hard start and end date. Registration happens for a month or so, then comes the first practice, the first games, and before you know it the season is wrapping up.

But wrestling programs operate differently. Between preseason training, tournaments, mat club, USA Wrestling events, and offseason training, there is no beginning or end to wrestling season.

Registration is also ongoing, with many wrestling programs collecting fees and registrations throughout the year. We notice a lot of wrestling programs collecting online registration for a variety of spring or summer activities in March and April. The wrestling year is unique, which means running a wrestling program can be a year round commitment.

Updated Schedules are a parent’s best friend

Because the season seemingly never ends, keeping an updated schedule can be a challenge for wrestling programs. When one part of the year wraps up there is another set of events to get on the Calendar.

We’ve noticed that parents are constantly visiting wrestling websites for training and event scheduling updates. Since event times often aren’t released until the last minute, parents sometimes feel like they’re on the outside looking in.

Online Scheduling allows wrestling clubs to post schedules in a central location, and easily make updates as the schedule changes throughout the year. The schedule doesn’t need to be completely finalized at all times, but at least giving an outline of dates that are coming up keeps parents aware of what to expect next, and helps make sure that you’ll have a full group of particpants at all of your events.

Every wrestler’s schedule is different

With most sports, every player on a team has the same training, practice, game, and event schedule. But wrestling can be different for each participant based on weight, experience, etc. This adds a lot of new challenges for wrestling coaches and volunteers to keep everyone on the same page. There are a lot of challenges for wrestling coaches to keep all of the members of the club involved and updated on the happenings at the club.

There are a lot of challenges that wrestling organizations face to keep everything running smoothly. Were working on ways to make it easier and less time consuming to run a restling program, so you can focus on coaching or watching instead of doing administrative work.

Over the next few months we’ll be working on making scheduling, registering, an communicating even easier.

Anything else we should be aware of about wrestling programs? Send me a message at tim@jerseywatch.com or post a comment below!

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