The Rundown: September 2018

The Rundown: September 2018

The Rundown is a monthly update on product improvements at Jersey Watch.

We’re back for another edition of the Rundown. Some big updates last month… let’s jump right in!

HTTPS Websites

Big update! We’ve spent some time making some big changes to our system so your website will now run on HTTPS instead of HTTP, which has become the preferred method to view websites by browsers and search engines. If you’re using a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox, you’ll now see a green ‘Secure’ and/or a lock at the top of the page, ensuring you are on a secure website.

This will be even more important to your participants as they view your website and register for your programs. Most companies charge for this service, but we have decided to included it for free because we feel it’s a necessity for everyone running a website. Enjoy!

Check out the top left corner of the URL bar. Every page on your website is under https now. :).

Saved Credit & Debit Cards

Your participants now have the option to keep their card on file when they pay during online registration. This makes it super quick for them to register additional players, or to come back and register again next season.

It’s super easy for mom to register Sally to play from any device when her favorite card is on file. (Sorry for the cheesy photo.)

Updated Editor on ‘Custom Page’ and ‘Info’ Pages

We’ve made some updates to the editors on the Info Page as well as when you add your own Custom Pages using My Pages. The new editor gives you more options to add and edit your content, automatically creates links, and makes it much easier to add your own images.

Do you have questions about this month’s Rundown, or suggestions for future updates? Send us a message at

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