The Rundown: September 2016

The Rundown: September 2016

Greetings, youth sports world! Here’s another episode of the monthly Rundown to keep you updated on the enhancements we’ve added. Let’s get right to it.


Refund Players

You now have the ability to issue full registration refunds right from your website. This was a commonly requested feature, and we have made the process very simple for you. After heading to the Online Registration page, just click the info button on the program you wish to manage, and on the following page click the ‘credit card’ icon next to the player to which the refund needs to be issued. Once the refund has been issued, the user who registered the player will receive a confirmation email.


Printable PDF for Each Player

Want a copy of each individual online registration form? Now, you are able to download a PDF for each player that has registered online for your program. The PDF will contain all relevant information pertaining to that particular program: personal and contact information, and answers to all of the questions you created on your form.

Slideshow Image Cropper

Due to popular demand, we’ve built an image cropper that can be used to crop images while uploading. We’re currently only using this in a couple of places: team pages (formerly called roster pages), and the slideshow page. To use this, simply upload a picture, then adjust the box around the image to your liking. Then, hit the ‘Crop/Resize Image’ button and save!

Updates Page

Finally, we’ve added an “Updates” tab to the bottom left corner of your admin page. This area will show what updates we’ve made to your site, and when we did it. We generally make updates every week, so check this page frequently to see what’s new.

On Deck…

We have a lot more to come in the near future, so stay tuned, and thanks for being a part of the Jersey Watch network!

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