The Rundown: November 2017

The Rundown: November 2017

We’ve been busy writing code in October to create new features and enhance some existing ones. Here’s what we’ve done…

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Dashboard Revamp!

We’ve given the Dashboard a major facelift and have added lots of useful functionality. Here’s a list of what’s new in the updated Dashboard:

– You can now see Pageviews, Money Collected, Participants Registered, and Administrator Stats by timeframe (Today, Yesterday, 1 Month, and 1 Year).

youth sports website

– Remaining texts and emails in your current billing cycle and number of active Programs are displayed right on your Dashboard so you always know where you stand.

remaining texts and emails
– Added an Administrator Stats section that shows statistics for all administrators on your account, including Last Login, Texts Sent, Emails Sent, and Announcements Posted.

sports website stats

Message Status Tracking

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and have added the ability to track the status of your sent text messages and emails. This utility shows you a status message next to each email address and phone number as well as which messages count against your monthly limits. The status message will help you find incorrect phone numbers and email addresses, as well as show those who have chosen to unsubscribe from your messages. An important note… we’ve occasionally found that users that unsubscribe from emails will keep their subscriptions to text messages (and vice-versa).

youth sports communication

Next time you post an Announcement, click on the “Status” page to see how it looks!

Next Up…

Currently we’re working on a complete overhaul of your Online Registration forms and Program Builder. We’ve decided to update the design of both of these, and are making it even easier to build and edit your Online Registration forms (there’s a sneak peek in the preview below). Stay tuned!

sports registration builder

_Top secret preview for your viewing pleasure. _

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