The Rundown: May 2018

The Rundown: May 2018

The Rundown is a monthly update on product improvements at Jersey Watch.

Spring is FINALLY here and we’re celebrating at Jersey Watch HQ by delivering some quality updates to make your life easier. Check them out below!

Banking Report

For all you accountants out there, we’ve added a banking report that details all of the deposits that hit your bank account from Online Registration.

A new button labeled “Download Banking Report” is now at the bottom of the Online Registration page in your account. Clicking this button will download a detailed spreadsheet of the date and amount of each deposit.

banking report

For each deposit, you will see a list of participants, the dates they registered, and the amounts they paid so you can easily reconcile every deposit that is made into your account.

Referral Program

A good chunk of our new customers come from recommendations. We take pride in this and want to reward you for referring new organizations to Jersey Watch. You may have noticed a yellow box at the top of the Dashboard that says “Refer Organizations & Earn Free Months”.

jersey watch referral

If you know a sports organization that Jersey Watch can help, click on the button in your account to learn more. There are links you can share with anyone that you think would be a good fit and if they sign up for a paid plan with Jersey Watch, you each will get a month for free!

If you have any questions about the referral program, don’t hesitate to send us a message at

Updated Downloads Page

We’ve recently taken the time to update the style and functionality of the Downloads page. On the new page, when you click “+ New Download” to upload a new file, you can either click to select a file, or simply drag & drop the file onto the “Select Or Drag File Here” button.


The new page also allows you to reorder your Downloads by drag and drop. You may have noticed that we’ve been updating several of our pages like this one to create consistent style and functionality across the website. Stay tuned for more of those improvements in the future!

If you missed our most recent Rundown – check out the March 2018 Rundown here –

**Do you have questions about this month’s Rundown, or suggestions for future updates? Send us a message at or leave a comment below. **


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