The Rundown: May 2016

The Rundown: May 2016

Monthly product updates from Jersey Watch

We’ve been busy here at Jersey Watch! Over the past few months, we have gathered feedback from our sports organizations and used it to completely rebuild our product. We also realize the importance of keeping our customers up-to-date on all of the enhancements we have made. As a result, we will be publishing monthly updates to keep everyone informed of all the new features that will help you run your sports organization!

Introducing: Registration System [Version 2]

In the new registration system, sports organization can easily create online registration forms for their sports programs. Parents of youth athletes will be able to complete this entire process online and make their payment. We have attached a short video to show how simple it is to set up a new registration program…

online registration

As you can see, the process of setting up a registration program now takes mere minutes! We are continually enhancing this feature, as we feel it will drastically reduce the time and effort it takes organizations during their registration periods.

Next Up: Communication Tools

We are really excited about this feature! Later this month, you will be able to communicate updates to those who have registered for your sports program via text message and email from within your site. The mobile numbers and email addresses of each team member will automatically be collected when parents sign their athletes up for your sports program. This will allow you to easily send them updates regarding game times, rain-out information, tournament dates, and upcoming events. We will be providing many more details about this in our next Rundown in June, so stay tuned!

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