The Rundown: March 2018!

The Rundown: March 2018!

The Rundown is a monthly update on product improvements at Jersey Watch.

March Madness is just about here, but at Jersey Watch we’re here to remove the chaos involved with managing a sports organization.

Last month we adjusted a few pages and added some funcationality to make viewing, sorting, and managing participants even easier. Let’s dive in…

Updated ‘View Participants’ Page

We’ve heard a lot of feedback about viewing and sorting players during and after registration. So we listened! We spent some time last month improving the “View Participants” page in your administrator account.

Now, when you click ‘View Participants’ on one of your Programs, you will be taken to an updated page that includes much more functionality. The table on this page includes the names of the participants, the date they registered, how much they paid, how much has been refunded, as well as the answers to all of your program’s custom questions.

sort players

Wohoo! It’s even easier to view and sort players now.

“Player” programs also include date of birth and gender of each participant. Each column is sortable, making it easy for you to find out answers for each participant. For instance, if you have a question such as “What t-shirt size would you like?”, you can click this question in the table and it will sort each participant by their shirt size.

You can also click directly on a player’s name for quick actions: Edit the Participant, View a Participant PDF, Refund the Payment, or Archive the Participant.

participant action

It just takes a few clicks to Edit a Player or issues a Refund.

View your Participants from your mobile phone

We’ve also made the “Programs” page mobile friendly so you can view the basic information about participants on the go. This makes it easy to get stats for each of your programs right from your mobile phone or tablet. When on a mobile device, simply click “Menu” in the top left corner and select “Programs” from the menu.

mobile participants

Participant name, amount paid, and date registered can easily be viewed from any device.

Updated Daily Summary Email

You may have already noticed the new look and quality of information that is displayed in your Daily Summary Emails. The updated version includes how many participants registered for your programs, how much you’ve collected for each program, who asked to subscribe to updates, as well as a list of comments you’ve received on your announcements from the previous day. Each category also includes friendly links to login and view information in more detail.

daily summary email

Friendly updates come straight to your email inbox each morning to let you know what happened yesterday.

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