The Rundown: June 2017

The Rundown: June 2017

When designing new features at Jersey Watch, we keep two very important things in mind:

  • The feature should not require a manual to use
  • Using the feature should take as little time as possible

As a result of these principles, we’re spending time rebuilding many of the features you use and love to make it even simpler and faster. In this month’s rundown, I’ll cover some of the features we’ve recently revisited.


We’ve heard your feedback, and have changed the way new events are added to the Scheduling tool. We’ve realized that the fastest way to input new events is when your hands never have to leave your keyboard. So, we’ve ditched the pop up to create new events, made the date selection optional, and made it easy for you to type in all of your event information quickly.

The Date picker will also use the most recent date you selected, to make it easy to add successive events quickly. Check out the video below to see it in action.

schedule sports events

Furthermore, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use two different tools to accomplish the same thing, so we’ve ditched the old Schedule Page Editor and have hooked the Scheduling tool right up to My Pages. When creating or editing a Schedule Page from My Pages, you’ll now be able to make your changes using the Scheduling tool.

Team Pages / Staff Pages Editor

Our page editors needed some TLC. So we’ve started by rebuilding both the Team Pages and Staff Pages Editor. On the Team Page Editor, you’ll notice we’ve said goodbye to the photo cropper, and made it much easier to upload and edit photos of your teams. Adding and editing team and staff members are much simpler and easier with the new editors, and we’ve built drag and drop support for reordering your members so you can have them arranged on your pages however you want.

sports team website

What’s next..

In the coming weeks, you’ll see a new version of My Pages that will tie all of these upgrades together, making for a quick and easy experience when creating and editing all of your pages.

Soon after, we’re going to release improvements to the Announcement and Contacts tool to provide an even better experience when creating and sending your announcements, and managing your contacts. See you soon!

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