The Rundown: July 2016

The Rundown: July 2016

Introducing: The Dashboard

First up… the Jersey Watch Dashboard. In case you missed it, when you log into your website to administer your organization, you’ll be directed to the Dashboard. This page displays a summary of the most relevant information for your organization – all in one convenient place. It includes:

  • Your website traffic over the last 30 days.
  • Total $ collected for your online registration.
  • List of the most recent announcements posted, along with the number of text messages and emails sent per announcement, and total views of those messages.
  • List of the most recent registration programs, along with the number of players registered and amount collected per program.
  • Convenient buttons to post announcements and setup additional programs.

sports website dashboard

Introducing: Tutorials

We’ve spent some time building out tutorials, which will walk you through various sections of your account. The new tutorials will be your guide for setting up online registration, creating and managing contact lists, posting and sending your announcements via text messaging and email, and creating pages on your website. You’ll also see a walkthrough of the new Dashboard!

The tutorials will automatically pop up the first time you visit these pages. If you ever need them again, they can be accessed from anywhere in your settings by hitting the “Tutorials” button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

On Deck

Next up we’re launching an email system that will auto update you each day a player registers or an announcement is posted. That way you can be kept in the loop even if you don’t login on a certain day. You’ll be able to turn these email updates on and off depending on your preferences.

As always, send us a message at if you have questions or suggestions.

Nick Rattermann, CTO – Jersey Watch

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