The Rundown: December 2017

The Rundown: December 2017

Over the last month we’ve made some serious improvements to the look and feel of the Online Registration Program Builder for administrators and to your Registration Forms when parents register and pay. We just released them so let’s take a quick look…

Updated Program Builder

We’ve put a lot of work into rebuilding the Program Builder to make it easier on the eyes and simpler to use. Now, when you create a custom question, you will be walked through each step in a pop-up box, making it easier to understand how to add the right question types for your form questions.

online sports form builder

Questions, checkboxes, and dropdown options can also be reordered the way you want them to appear on your form using drag-and-drop. The updated form design will also be experienced by your members when they fill out the form you’ve created…

Updated Registration Forms with Dynamic Pricing

After you’ve built your registration form, it’s time for your members to fill it out! In addition to the updated form design, we’ve also added the ability to have “dynamic pricing”. This means that a dropdown question can be added to your form that has possible answers that will add to the price of your program when selected.

There are a lot of possibilities for dynamic pricing, such as “Would you like to buyout of the fundraiser?”, “Do you need to purchase a new jersey?”, “Are you able to make a donation?”, “Sponsor a team”, etc. An example of this might be a dropdown question titled “Purchase a T-Shirt” with possible answers “Yes [+$15]” and “No [+$0]”. When the user selects “Yes [+$15]”, it automatically adds $15 to their registration price.

online sports registration payment

Currently the dynamic pricing feature is something that we will configure for you, so if you are interested in using it, just send us an email to and we can set it up!

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