The Rundown: December 2016

The Rundown: December 2016

Here at Jersey Watch, one our favorite movies is Field of Dreams. “If you build it, they will come” could be a great tagline for our company. But a better one might be “Is this Heaven? No, It’s Iowa.”

We do our best to make a user-friendly tool to simplify your life. Here’s how we made it simpler last month…

Player Search

player search

Here’s a scenario: You’d like to find out if Tiny Tim signed-up this year, but you can’t remember which of the 20 programs Timmy registered in. That’s a problem. Here’s a solution: Type “Tiny Tim” into our new search box, and you’ll be able to easily locate his registration information.

Partial Refunds

partial refund

Did Tiny Tim’s parents overpay for registration this year? We have you covered. Issuing partial refunds is here and it’s simple. When you click on the refund icon for one of your players, you’ll now be asked if you’d like to refund a partial amount or the full amount.


coach reorder

Up to this point, photo albums, sponsors, slideshow images, and downloads were all ordered by the date they were created (newest are at the top). We realized that wasn’t flexible enough, so you can now reorder these items by clicking on the corresponding arrow directions.

Multi-File Uploads

multifile upload

Need to add more than one document to an announcement post? Now, you can attach multiple files to an announcement, and you can even drag and drop files into the section located below the text box.

Duplicate Programs

copy programs

Typing the same stuff over and over is boring and time-consuming. So, we came up with a simple solution. If you find yourself creating the same questions when building your registration program forms, hit the ‘copy’ icon next to a completed program to duplicate the form. You can then edit the form to include different information. Repeat as needed.

Multi-Player Discounts

Yes. It’s here. Here’s how it works… First, click the “Help/Feedback” button on the left-hand side when you’re logged in. Next, send us a message and tell us which program you’d like this to be applied to, and the discounted price you want. Then, we work our magic. Finally, when a parent registers their second child for said program (using the same login), they will be shown the discounted price.

To reiterate, we build stuff to make running your sports organization easier. That’s what we did last month, and that’s what you should expect from us every month. Don’t go anywhere, because we have more exciting updates coming soon!

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