The Rundown: August 2018

The Rundown: August 2018

The Rundown is a monthly update on product improvements at Jersey Watch.

It’s been a while since our last Rundown but trust us we’ve been busy! Here’s some of the changes we made on Jersey Watch last month.

Scrolling Sponsors Widget

We know how important sponsors are to your sports organization. We’ve also been listening to your feedback and understand it’s important for your sponsors to be displayed prominently on your homepage. So we’ve added a nice little widget that will automatically scroll through all of your sponsors. Participants can also click on “See all sponsors” to get a page dedicated to sponsors.

Sponsors will automatically scroll in a widget on your homepage now.

PRO TIP: When sending out sponsor-related emails or recognizing your sponsors on social media, send this dedicated sponsors link ( along with it… It’ll make your sponsors happier!

Social Icons

Facebook has made a lot of changes over time to their privacy settings that makes it more difficult to always display a feed. So we’ve decided to use icons to your social network pages in lieu of the feeds. This way, you’ll never have to worry about users not being able to find your social media accounts.

We’ve also added the social network icons to the footer of many of your other pages, so your participants can find them no matter where the are on your website.

Instagram Plugin

Does your sports organization have an Instagram account? Log in to your Jersey Watch account, click on the “Settings” tab, and paste in your Instagram URL. Your Instagram page will now show up with the rest of the social icons!

Do you have questions about this month’s Rundown, or suggestions for future updates? Send us a message at

If you missed our most recent Rundown – check out the May Rundown here –

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