The Rundown: August 2017

The Rundown: August 2017

Improved Login Security

We’ve added SSL encryption to our login and signup pages to beef up your security. Now, you’ll see a green ‘lock’ or the word ‘Secure’ at the top of most browsers to provide better assurance to your members that they are safe to login.

Speed Improvements

We know that many users are browsing your websites on a mobile device, and the 3G/4G network they’re on is often slower than internet at home. So we’ve spent time making drastic improvements to the speed of the website for first time visitors, making it over 3x faster! As a result, we’ve been tracking an improvement to engagement from the members on your sites!

My Pages Improvements

You may have noticed a complete facelift of My Pages. We’ve rebuilt this drag and drop tool to be much faster and provide a better overall experience. We’ll be making some more changes here in the future so be on the lookout!

My PagesThe new My Pages has those on/off switches you might be used to from your iPhone.

One the Horizon…

Since we’ve launched the Announcement email and texting tool, we’ve had a chance to learn what people love about the tool, and where we can make improvements. Using this information, we’re going to be doing some heavy lifting on both the Contacts and Announcement tools. The whole communications suite is going to be getting a complete rebuild which will include an easier way to send messages, the ability to easily search through your contacts, the ability for contacts to have tags so you can have more than one tag for a single contact, as well as many other features. We’re excited to bring you this! Stay tuned!

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