The Rundown: April 2017

The Rundown: April 2017

Whoa! We’re a little late with this month’s edition of The Rundown, but we wanted to save it until we released a big upgrade to our Online Registration and payment system.

It’s come to our attention that there’s a lot of you out there in Jersey Watch land that want to collect payments through your website, but don’t want all of the default fields that come with traditional player registration. We’ve solved that problem by allowing you to create a much simpler registration form.

When creating a program, select ‘Other’ under ‘What Type of Program Is This?’, and a slimmed-down form will be generated. It only asks for name, email, and mobile number, and does away with all of the other required fields that are used for player registration. This will make it much easier to collect payments for equipment, coach registration, special events, or even for coaches that are registering entire teams for a tournament.

team registration

We’ve also spent some time improving the areas where you view participants that have registered for your programs. Exporting player information to a spreadsheet now provides more detail to help you reconcile the amount you’ve collected with your bank statements.

On the Program page for each program you can view a summary of the total amount you’ve collected. You can also confirm banking information on your Online Registration page at any time.

Next up, we’re building an ‘Upcoming Events’ widget that you’ll be able to add to your homepage. It will be a great way to keep your teams informed of all upcoming events for your organization. Stay tuned!

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