The Importance of Optimization in Local Marketing (Sunrise Interview)

The Importance of Optimization in Local Marketing (Sunrise Interview)


Cincinnati boasts some of the best agencies around, and we had the privilege to visit with Sunrise Advertising ‘s Mike Grueter and discuss local advertising, programmatic and the importance of optimizing campaigns.


Mike Grueter

Describe your current role with Sunrise?

I am the Associate Media Director for Sunrise Advertising and work with various brands to develop comprehensive media strategies and plans that effectively and efficiently reach their target audience at relevant touchpoints.

Why do brands and businesses choose to work with Sunrise?

We are a full service agency with seasoned executives across all advertising disciplines, from creative to account service, traditional, digital and social media.  We are experienced marketing professionals that specialize in energizing established brands.


Do you have any philosophies to share on advertising ROI and ways you measure value for your clients?

We maintain a philosophy that no plan is set in stone.  The key is to take learnings, including sales data, and use that info to optimize advertising efforts on the fly.  And optimization involves everything from media planning and buying to advertising creative. Only with optimization will you see the best Return on Investment.

What emerging media/advertising technologies have caught your eye? Where do you see this going?

Programmatic media buying is definitely evolving beyond just the digital space but taking shape in the broadcast TV space.  Right now, the scale isn’t large enough to activate on a local TV  level but eventually this technology will have a huge impact on the way broadcast is negotiated and purchased.

Where does sports marketing fit into the mix for Sunrise and Sunrise clients?

Sunrise Advertising has always considered sports marketing a valuable investment for our clients.  We view sports marketing as an impactful, high profile media vehicle within the overall media mix.  Our clients’ target audiences typically have a strong affiliation to sports teams no matter if it’s at the professional, varsity or community level.

Brands that win in local marketing are ones that…




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