The Brandery: How an Accelerator Has Helped Us Grow

The Brandery: How an Accelerator Has Helped Us Grow

Our company is moving, and moving fast. With help from our accelerator company, The Brandery, we’ve been able to move at a quicker pace than ever thought before. After being in the program for only six weeks, we’ve come to realize how far we’ve come and how much further we can go. This week we reflect on our progress thus far and what we have in mind for our end-game. To do so, we sat down with John Salcido from The Brandery who had a few questions for us to give readers a better understanding of where we are as a company.

John: How has the first six weeks treated you so far in the accelerator? Has anything surprised you that you weren’t expecting from working within such a fast-paced startup environment?

David: The first six weeks have been awesome for us. It has been exciting to meet everyone in the ecosystem and the energy of The Brandery is very contagious. The accelerator has thrown a lot at us, but I am proud of the way our team is staying focused on key activities and milestones. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but we have been impressed with how warm and welcoming the entire Cincinnati startup ecosystem has been. We knew The Brandery folks would be supportive, but it feels like we have the support of the entire city. Cincinnati is a great sports town, and we have enjoyed connecting with people who like sports and want to help us on the journey.

brandery officesThe first floor of The Brandery shows the startups working hard in preparation for Demo Day

John: What makes Jersey Watch the market-disrupting tool you claim it to be?

David: Most youth sports organizations are using outdated template websites that don’t meet their expectations or are over-paying for tools that they don’t really need. In contrast, Jersey Watch offers an intentionally simple platform that is customized to each local organization and easy to use. We have a one-day turnaround for new site launches, which is unheard of in the market, and it’s free to use. You combine these traits with personal support from real people, and it’s pretty clear how Jersey Watch is disrupting.

John: So why not use something like GoDaddy or Weebly to create a sports team website?

David: GoDaddy and Weebly are not made for sports, and for the normal youth sports administrator, it can be a headache and overwhelming to self-build their online presence through these types of tools. GoDaddy and Weebly also don’t solve the Online Registration needs of an organization. Jersey Watch does.

John: By the beginning of October when Demo Day comes around, what major goals or milestones do you have in mind that you wish to be ready for your clients and investors?

David: Our goals for Demo Day center on building a better product and experience for our sports organization clients. We are already testing several new features and hope to roll out more in the coming weeks. We also are testing improved communication tactics and acquisition strategies to accelerate our growth across new states. As for investors, if we stay focused on our product and clients, the investor piece will take care of itself.

We have plenty of more time to spend with The Brandery which in turn will only bring bigger and better things in the near future. Stay in touch with us via comments/email subscription below to keep up with our updates and advancements as we continue growing through the accelerator program.

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