Registration and Online Payments – Big updates coming

Registration and Online Payments – Big updates coming

We’ve been working on online registration and payments updates for the new version of Jersey Watch.

A few updates we’re excited about:

  • Manage your website, online registration, payments, and communication from a single login
  • Get started quickly – all you’ll need to do is enter your banking info on your Jersey Watch account and you can start collecting payments immediately
  • Online registration will automatically open and close on your website’s homepage on the dates you set for each program

registration is open example

Current programs will automatically open and close on the Homepage of your website based upon registration Open and Close Dates.

  • Add and remove custom questions easily and preview your forms before they go live
  • Parents can easily register from a phone, tablet, or desktop

mobile registration example

You can require parents to answer any questions about the player, and parents can easily register from any device.

  • View all of your programs on a single page and sort by “Current”, “Upcoming”, and “Previous”

program list example

Easily view and edit all important information for your online registration and payments.

  • Export all of your player information to an Excel or .csv file at any time, and sort by age, uniform size, or any other criteria

Coming soon…

  • Mass communication tool for email and text messaging

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