Preparing Your Football Program for the 2020 Season

The Jersey Watch Team

It's a crazy time for youth sports, and getting ready for the 2020 football season may be the last thing on your mind. There are a few challenges (and opportunities) your organization will have to take on this year.

By preparing your coaching staff, volunteers, and players now you can help guarantee you have a successful 2020 season.

We have a few tips to start getting your football program ready for the 2020 season now, from the safety of your couch.

Communicate Heavily this Spring

The most important thing you can do now is stay active communicating with parents and players. Make sure parents know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the 2020 football season will go on!

Having coaches release a few videos on your Facebook page can be a great way to interact with parents a players while they are spending time at home this Spring. Releasing a few fun drills kids can do with their parents in the yard can be a great way to build cameraderie in your community.

You can also share drills player can do from home for footwork, agility, and coditioning.

If your players are in middle school or high school, consider challenging them to some more difficult conditioning drills to do while at home. You can even have some friendly competition with players sending in videos that can be posted on social media.

football sprints Your players need to staying active now so they're ready for practice in a few months.

Consider sending weekly updates to parents via text message and email to keep them in the loop. If you planned on having a spring 7-on-7 or Flag Football season you can use your weekly updates to keep parents posted on re-starting your season or issuing refunds.

Encourage Spring Sports Participants to Register

Many spring sports seasons are being cancelled or shortened. Use this as an opportunity to get more players registered for your flag, tackle, or cheerleading programs this year.

As the dust settles in the late spring, parents are going to be excited to get back to "life as normal" and get their kids registered for community activities. This can be a great opportunity to get players to participate in your football program for the first time.

You can also offer a discount this year to families that have never participated with your organization. This can be a great way to keep participation rates up.

2020 football registration Get started registering players early, and allow parents to register from home.

Follow State and Local Guidelines this Summer

Someone on your coaching staff should be the point person responsible fo staying on top of guidlines from your state and local officials. You should also ask parents to provide feedback or questions as the season gets started.

Parents and players are likely to be a bit nervous about group gatherings, particularly in the early summer.Consider only allowing coaches and players at practice or limiting group drills to just a dozen or so players.

Keeping practices and events small at first may be an option as you start practice in the mid-Summer even if your local officials do not have strict guidelines. Anything your orgnaization can do to make sure parents and players feel safe will be important, especially at the start of your season.

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