New Version of Jersey Watch

New Version of Jersey Watch

We’re just a couple weeks away from upgrading to a new version of Jersey Watch, and wanted to share some screenshots on mobile devices. It’s likely that around 50% of traffic to your website comes from a phone, so we’ve made the mobile version a high priority.   When a visitor arrives on your website they’ll see a screenshot similar to the screenshot below. They’ll be able to access all of the information they find on a desktop or tablet, just in a condensed version that is easy to navigate. Regardless of the device your visitors are using, they’ll be able to find information quickly.

A few updates on the new version:

  • Schedule and Roster tools
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Speed improvements
  • Mobile design updates

A couple features coming soon:

  • Registration and online payment improvements
  • Communication tools

Jersey Watch provides you with the following:

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