New Version of Jersey Watch – Mobile Screenshots

New Version of Jersey Watch – Mobile Screenshots

We’re just a couple weeks away from upgrading to a new version of Jersey Watch, and wanted to share some screenshots on mobile devices. It’s likely that around 50% of traffic to your website comes from a phone, so we’ve made the mobile version a high priority.

When a visitor arrives on your website they’ll see a screenshot similar to the screenshot below. They’ll be able to access all of the information they find on a desktop or tablet, just in a condensed version that is easy to navigate.

mobile homepage

Regardless of the device your visitors are using, they’ll be able to find information quickly.

You can also login to your account from your phone. Posting content on the go will be quick in case you can’t get to your computer.

mobile organizer dashboard

You’ll be able to login to post an announcement on the go.

We’ll be continuing to build out the mobile version of Jersey Watch over the coming months. In case you missed it, we posted a General Overview and highlights of some other new features in these articles: Rosters and Schedules.

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