New Roster feature in the works…

New Roster feature in the works…

Version 2 of Jersey Watch will be released later this winter. We’re excited about a few major upgrades, including a new Roster feature that will allow coaches and administrators to post details about each team at your organization.

The Roster feature will allow you to add information about different teams to your website. Rosters are easy to add and can be edited at any time. On the Dashboard, you can add a photo, number, name, position, and any additional details like school, playing experience, etc.


Adding and editing Rosters will be simple in the new Dashboard. You can list as much or as little information about each player as you’d like.

Visitors to your website will see a redesigned roster page that lists information about each player. Each player can be clicked on to view more details.

Visitors to your website will be able to view each Roster from any device.

If you just have one team, you can post a single roster. If you have multiple teams across different sports, you can organize rosters in different folders by sport, age group, etc.

Stay tuned for updates on communication tools and mobile enhancements over the next few weeks.

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