New Feature: Scheduling Tool 2.0!

Nick Rattermann

Scheduling practices, games, and other events are an important part of managing your sports organization. While you need an easy way to add schedules and events to the system, your participants need an easy way to view them. Today we are introducing a brand new scheduling tool that you can edit in-place to help simplify this process for everyone. Here’s are details on what it can do and how it works!

What’s New?

New Events page

The new events page allows visitors to your website to easily sort events by category.

By default, you’ll see “All Upcoming Events” at the top which will show every upcoming event across all of your schedules.

You can select schedules to view schedules for specific teams, divisions, and more…

schedule tool screencast

Event End Times

We’ve been often asked to allow for events to have an end time for practices, meetings, and other events that have a set stop time.

Now you have the option to add an end time to your event so that parents can arrive on time as your events end!

a board meeting schedule for sports

Easily add end times for events like meetings, practices, and camps.

Multi-Day Events

If you have events like tryouts, tournaments, or fundraisers you can easily add events that last multiple days.

Add single or multi-day events with a couple clicks.

How it Works – Edit Mode

Log in to your website, head to your homepage, and click Upcoming Events. Once you are on the Events page and in “Edit Mode”, you will see a list of your schedules across the top, along with the ability to add schedules right from this page.

editing sports schedules online

After clicking a schedule at the top, just click the + Add Event button to add events to that schedule.

edit events modal

You’ll also be able to edit and delete events from this page by clicking the Edit or Delete buttons on that particular event. Need to move an event to a different schedule? Click to edit the event and you’ll see a dropdown that allows you to move it to another schedule!

create schedule modal

To add a new schedule, just click the + Add New Schedule tag at the top. When you click to add a schedule, you’ll also see an option to add this schedule to your navigation bar. By checking this box, a direct link to this schedule will show up in your navigation bar. No more adding confusing “Schedule Pages” in My Pages, you can now just add your schedules to your navigation bar if you choose.

Need to add a result to a game? Click on one of your schedules and you’ll see a text box available to add a result for any event in the past.

How It Works – Viewing schedules during your season

upcoming events preview mode

When visitors land on your homepage they can view “Upcoming Events” directly from your Homepage and access all of your events by clicking “See All Schedules & Events”.

By default they’ll view all Upcoming Events first, and can sort events by category easily from your events page to view their team or age group, as well as game results if you’ve posted them.

We hope these changes will make it easier for you to create and edit your schedules and events, as well as make it a better experience for those visiting your website. We plan on adding more features to this scheduling tool in the future to further make it easier to manage your sports organization.

Have questions or feedback about the new scheduling system? Send us a message at!