Kickdrum’s Take on Marketing Strategy

Kickdrum’s Take on Marketing Strategy

We had the privilege to connect with Tim McCort from Kickdrum Strategy & Creative to get an agency perspective on local advertising, sports sponsorship and yes, Pokemon Go came up.

Tim McCort

Describe your current role with Kickdrum?

I am a founding partner and generally lead the strategy side of our strategy & creative team.

Why do brands and businesses choose to work with Kickdrum?

Unlike most ad agencies, the strategy and creative disciplines work side-by-side from the beginning to the end of every project. This enables us to go from problem to plan to execution faster. Developing strategies that are connected to business results and creative that drives commerce.

Do you have any philosophies to share on sponsorship ROI and ways you measure value for your clients?

Increasing sales is not a marketing goal. Every piece of a business is dedicated to increasing sales. Marketing is the discipline that can find potential customers and influence their behavior. Knowing how to connect the desired customer behavior to an ultimate sales result is one of the things we do best.

I tend to be surprised at how often a company isn’t really measuring ROI.  That generally stems from assigning success measures to marketing without linking them to sales.  For instance, if you’re deploying a social media campaign and tracking likes, CTR, follows, etc, but you haven’t figured out a conversion rate or connection to actual sales, you’ll never be able to determine an appropriate budget, calculate ROI or understand what role that medium plays in growing your business.

What advertising assets are most sought after by clients?

If you know what you want, there are more places than ever to get something done. Plenty of firms can make a brochure or a banner ad. But if you have a real sales or marketing issue and aren’t sure what to do about it, Kickdrum can help.  Our clients hire Kickdrum to help determine which assets or tactics will be most effective at connecting with consumers and improving sales. Sometimes that’s a sports marketing program and sometimes it’s not an advertising answer at all, but rather a change in operations or go-to-marketing strategy.

What emerging media/advertising technologies have caught your eye? Where do you see this going?

I wasn’t a big believer in some of the AR or VR technologies but then I saw the massive Pokemon Go trend and gave it a try.  Now, I am fascinated by the possibilities for brands to interact with customers within different layers of their world.

Where has sports marketing fit into the mix for your clients over the years?

What was once only viewed as simple sponsorships or good corporate citizenry, is now better understood as affinity marketing – a way to express a brand’s commitment which can more personally connect with their potential consumers.  It can be an interesting option for brands looking to leverage emotion by associating themselves with an already emotional property.

**Brands that win in local marketing are the ones….  **

… that take advantage of their proximity to their customers.

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