Jersey Watch Version 2 – Scheduling

Jersey Watch Version 2 – Scheduling

We are releasing Jersey Watch Version 2 later this Winter and want to highlight few features in advance. One area we are excited about a Scheduling feature that will allow you to add lists of events to your website. It’s specifically built for sports organizations and will make managing your organization’s events quick and easy.

Scheduling games, practices, and other events at your organization will be simple. On the Dashboard you can enter the Date, Event Name, Location, Time, and Result of your events. You can create multiple schedules for different sports, divisions, or seasons. Separate schedules can also be created for games, practices, or general events.

schedule dashboard

Adding and editing schedules on your website will be simple in the new Dashboard.

Visitors to your site can find schedules on tabs or dropdown menus on your website. Each event can easily be viewed. If an event time changes or a new event is added, you can easily edit or create new events at any time.

schedule example

Visitors to you website can view schedules easily from any device.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for information on Roster, Communication, and Mobile features that we’re working on.

Anything specific you’re looking to improve with your website? Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback.

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