Helping Healthcare Win

The Jersey Watch Team on Oct 6, 2015 in Tips
Helping Healthcare Win

It is exciting to see the success our healthcare clients are having with Jersey Watch campaigns. Five of the six Jersey Watch markets in Ohio are filled with healthcare clients, and we expect Indiana and Michigan to fill this summer.

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The question that comes up is “Why?” Why do healthcare systems, orthopedic groups and hospital providers care about Jersey Watch?

The purpose of this post is to highlight 3 main reasons we are having success in Healthcare.

1. The Audience is a Home Run

Healthcare organizations and brands want families. They want families to view them as a community voice and supportive resource. This is why hospital groups and medical providers are involved in local events and sponsorships. In the age of mergers and consolidations, the need to reach local has never been greater for the category.

At the end of the day, Jersey Watch is winning because of our audience. Nothing says community like local sports.

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2. Custom Campaigns & Content for each client

We have found that despite similarities across the category, our healthcare clients are entirely different. They prioritize service lines differently and have strategic initiatives that are unique to their market. Because of this, we build custom campaigns unique for each client. Below are a few areas that highlight this flexibility and customization

Seasonal messaging – Custom digital campaigns based on sport season and market

Content Distribution- Email marketing, Educational blogs and healthcare mailers to teams

Local Events- Athletic trainer staffing, signage and event marketing

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3. Category Exclusive- Our clients own their space

Healthcare is very competitive at local levels and often the battleground turns to the schools and sports teams. With a fixed-number of school districts to work with, brands have jumped at the occasion to purchase exclusive athletic trainer rights. Since we launched in 2012, a few stories really caught our attention:

Hospitals Race to Sign Up Schools

Northwest Schools Forge Partnerships

9 Northeast Ohio high school football stadiums with sponsors

Our twist on local sports sponsorship for healthcare is to provide category-exclusive access to hundreds of youth teams in a region. We deliver access to sports families and communities throughout their developing years, in hopes that healthcare brands can begin a meaningful relationship earlier in a family’s development.

Interested in what we are doing? Check our our Partnerships Page and request a free Media Kit.

It does not stop with healthcare. Learn more about how Jersey Watch wins with clients in retail, restaurants and automotive here.

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