5 signs you’re spending too much time managing your sports organization

5 signs you’re spending too much time managing your sports organization

You’re busy. There’s a lot going on, and making sure your team or league is running smoothly might be the third or fourth (or twentieth) thing on your mind.

The list of things to do at your sports organization can sometimes seem endless. But, you shouldn’t be stressed out trying to coordinate schedules, manage money, and keep parents and coaches informed.

Making sure you maintain a comfortable level of sanity is important to make sure you have a healthy experience volunteering. Here are five signs that you’re spending too much time managing your organization.

1. You’re getting emails every day from parents

You’re a volunteer, a board member, or a coach. You shouldn’t be a full-time customer service representative for your team or league. If parents are constantly emailing you with questions, requests, feedback, or complaints (hopefully not), it needs to stop.

Parents forget that you have a real life just like them. Set expectations that you aren’t available 24/7 in the beginning, and you won’t have to deal with a barrage of emails at 9PM during the Superbowl this weekend.

Try getting into a weekly habit when parents can expect to hear from you and where they can get the information – whether it’s on Facebook, your website, or at practice. Parents should know where to go to get the information they need, and it shouldn’t be your personal email inbox.

email stressDon’t let this be you.

2. You’re making weekly trips to the bank

Although talking to bank tellers is a great American pastime, making trips to the bank each week can be a bit exhausting. Not to mention stopping at the bank on the way home from work can be a kick in the pants.

If you’re spending time at the bank depositing checks and cash, you can save some time by allowing parents to register online and pay with a credit card. The parents might also be excited to be able pay with any method and at any time.

Concerned about trying online registration and payments? There are a few myths that would be worth checking out.

3. You’re constantly making phone calls to coaches

Ever felt like 10 different people keep asking you the same question over and over again? I’ve noticed sometimes coaches can be that way with board members – constantly reaching out to ask questions they should already know they answer to. Sure they mean well, but they shouldn’t be bothering you with phone calls and text messages.

Coaches can be your soldiers on the front lines. But if they’re running amok your life as an administrator becomes a lot more difficult. Make sure they know how information is distrubuted, when to expect it, and how they’ll receive it, and your life will become a lot less stressful.

4. You’re up late at night working on your organization

If you’re losing sleep because of your volunteer work for your sports organization, something is wrong. Sure, you should be doing your best to make sure that everyone is on the same page. But, make sure you get in the habit of not overworking yourself.

When you notice yourself up late at night working on something for your organization, think through a few was that can save you some time. Then get some sleep already and enjoy the games the next day on a full night’s rest.


This shouldn’t be you the day after registration closes

5. You’re not enjoying being a board member or coach

Being a volunteer at a sports organization is supposed to be fun and rewarding. I’ll make the assumption it’s why you got involved.

If you find yourself counting the days until the season ends, or looking forward to the day when you don’t have to be on the board anymore, you know something has gone wrong.

To wrap things up – if you’re getting bombarded by emails and phone calls, visiting the local bank on a regular basis, or spending sleepless nights trying to stay organized, you can probably reduce your workload in a few simple steps.

Any other ideas that save you time as a volunteer? Send me an email at tim@jerseywatch.com or leave a comment below. I’d like to hear more.

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